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Prove to me you're real.

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This is a discussion on Prove to me you're real. within the Critical Thinking & Philosophy forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; If none of us are real, you are conversing with no-one and must therefore be insane, you are not insane ...

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    If none of us are real, you are conversing with no-one and must therefore be insane, you are not insane so we must be real.

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    Is our reality just a brute fact. We observe the world therefore the world is real. Even if it isn't real it's real subjectively. So maybe we are in some deities dream, but since we have our own consciousness we are at least "real" for the duration of the dream, but once it wakes up we won't be real to it having observed we are just a dream.
    So if you know you are real what evidence do you need to show that everyone else isn't. I think the natural assumption is that people act like you, look like you, and behave like you to a certain extent the probability rises that others are just as real as you believe yourself to be. There is always a chance that we are not observing a real world, but I believe the probability should be in favor of a real world.
    P1 You are real
    P2 Other people seem to be like you
    P3 I am a person
    C1 Others are likely to be real (P1 and P2)
    C2 I likely am real because I am a person like you are.

    Think of this as thinking out loud. I do think this is the beginnings of an argument for the reality of others, but almost nothing can be proved 100%

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    Quote Originally Posted by dusttrust View Post
    Can you define real?
    Something that is real is something that exists whether you believe in it or not.

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    Every post thus far is nothing but transparent.

    Where is the reality?

    It's not in the words....otherwise I feel like we would have gotten there by now.

    That's not where reality is.

    So where is it?

    Is it THIS?

    I hope not--because at this point it's past tense.

    So where are you now? Are you real...right NOW? Or maybe only right now?

    Maybe a better question is: Prove to me you're anything at all.

    P.s. Also relevant:

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    As long as you continue to disbelieve my existence, I won't exist.

    However, you'll skim this post and I will exist, just for a moment, until you continue past and forget reading this. Then, we'll be back to square one.

    But the same could be said for you. Will you still exist tonight, when I'm making dinner? How about tomorrow morning, when I'm brushing my teeth? Considering the only evidence of your existence are little words on an online forum somewhere in the vast coalition of cyberspace, I doubt that you'll exist much longer after I jump to the next thread I post in.

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    'Reality' is a willingness to accept the perceived output of reason or our senses or a combination of both.

    If we take reason; the chances that I am a robot are very slim, there are very few robots/computers that are able to join a website and contribute on forums, if any. On reason alone then you may accept that I am human and as 'real' as anyone can be. As for the senses; the only one I can appeal to is your sight in the form of these words I am typing, displayed on your monitor, and they logically lead us back to the reason argument.

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    I would actually make the case that I'm not real in the normal sense.

    I believe most of this reality is an illusion created to test us spiritually.

    My spirit is the only real aspect about me, and yet that's mostly intangible to this material existence. So the one thing I believe to be real, can't actually be easily proven to exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevinaswell View Post
    Maybe a better question is: Prove to me you're anything at all.
    I must be something. You're thinking of me, therefore, I am a thought of yours at the very least.

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    *hasn't bothered to read thread*

    I cannot be certain of anything except that for the fact that I am.

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    Finally popped in.

    The ridiculousness of this thread is that by posting anything, you even remotely entertain and thus give validity to the notion that you may not be real. Does anyone really feel the need to defend his/her ontological status from Kevin?

    Kevin, we're bros and all, but if you don't think I'm real, that's on you.

    Some issues magically assume reality the moment they are considered either positively or negatively. This ranges from Justin Bieber to God. The trick is, if you want the issue to go away, just leave it alone; pass it by without a single thought and move onto more productive and meaningful musings.
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