Map of Humanity

Map of Humanity

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This is a discussion on Map of Humanity within the Critical Thinking & Philosophy forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Where do you live? I'm chilling at Darwin Island (Top of the map)....

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    Map of Humanity

    Where do you live?

    I'm chilling at Darwin Island (Top of the map).
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    What an amazing map! Where does it come from and how did they make it?

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    Wish I knew, I just stumbled upon it.

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    I would say I reside in Order with a vacation home over in Justice :P

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    Is there an even larger version? I'm having to strain my eyes to make out all the tiny text.

    Also, I take umbrage at Hedonism being on the same island as Hate and Abomination. There are some perfectly upstanding formulations of Hedonism

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    That map is awesome!

    I live in Morpheus City, Dreams. It's on the continent Wisdom.
    I do a lot of traveling on my continent though. XD

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    I live in the Slumberlands, myself.

    tdmg: Save the image on your computer, and use whatever image viewing software you have to zoom and stuff. A lot of the really small text is just generic city names though.

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    I live in Hell, on the Hades Is side.

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    I live in Realism, but I have a vacation house in Lies.

    When I have money I visit Utopia.

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    Looking at that map makes me jealous because I would love to be able to make maps like that!

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