If you were to lose one of your senses.

If you were to lose one of your senses.

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This is a discussion on If you were to lose one of your senses. within the Critical Thinking & Philosophy forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; If you had to lose one of these senses, which would you least miss? Which would you most miss? To ...

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    If you were to lose one of your senses.

    If you had to lose one of these senses, which would you least miss?
    Which would you most miss?
    To make up for the lost sense, which sense would you like to heighten the most?

    1. sight
    2. hearing
    3. touch
    4. smell and taste

    (I'll lump smell and taste together because they are intimately linked.)

    If I had to lose one of those senses, I imagine I would least miss 1. sight.
    I would most miss 2. my hearing. I'd find it very painful to live without music.
    I would heighten 3. my sense of touch to compensate for the loss of 1. sight. Ideally, if I could, I would pull my auditory and tactile senses all the way up until they met at a sort of intensified climax. -_-b

    But I love my sight. I don't want to lose it... oh well. at least I'm not losing my hearing.
    If I absolutely had to lose something, I would least miss sight because I feel that the choice would then be made for me, to really focus on music and not dabble around in everything under the sun, spreading myself around. :( But I'd really terribly miss not being able to see the faces of my loved ones, not being able to read books or jot down ideas and so on. I suppose my memory would grow more, though...

    A friend of mine said he would prefer to be partially blind than partially deaf (he's partially hearing damaged). He imagines life would be less hungry if he lost his hearing but retained his vision, but life would be happier if he lost his vision and retained his hearing.

    This seems like a potentially very politically incorrect question to pose... but one of my idols as a child was Helen Keller, and I used to always imagine what it must feel like to be deprived of my senses. I'm insanely sensuous (for lack of a better word) even though I'm a very obvious N - intolerably so, if I must say so myself.. -_- so these things interest me.

    Just wondering how y'all feel.
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    I wear glasses and I'm slightly deaf in one ear, so I suppose I could lose my hearing if I lost one of my senses. I would like to improve my sight, as even with glasses sometimes it can be hard to see properly.

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    I would most miss touch. Hugs can mean even more than a smile, some days. I would least miss hearing, I think. I love music, but I admire visual art and food more. I would heighten my sense of sight. But that's mostly because I'm myopic already. :P
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    Sometimes, I think maybe it would be better to be deaf. They could always send me EMail messages.
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    As much as I love food, I'm going to have to say smell and taste. The other three are just way too important.
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    I'd probably have to go with taste to be the one to lose, I just love the other ones so much more. It wouldn't really matter which one i'd improve, my senses are all pretty good so i'm not too fussed.
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    Taste and smell for sure, I've got a pretty cruddy sense of smell anyways and I'm sure not tasting food wouldn't be too bad since when I was vegan I ate more bland food then I do as just a vegetarian. It would also be good for eating food I don't like the taste of, so it could have it's advantages
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    I would definitely miss hearing the most, I mean could you imagine not hearing the sound of your own voice?! Least probably smell and taste, I mean if I lost those senses I could eat the most nastiest foods and not taste a things. And, if I lost a sense I would heighten sight the most, so I could be more aware of my surroundings visually, and be able to better gather information, and notice tiny details.
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    Losing hearing would be the worst thing that could ever happen, ever. It's like Chora said, I love music too much.
    I wouldn't mind losing taste and smell. I need the other senses, these two are mostly for pleasure and it wouldn't be that hard to go without compared to the other senses.
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    smell and taste, no hesitation :)

    The worst would be to loose my sight... brrr..
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