March 2017 (Member Spotlight, Site Upgrade, + more)

March 2017 (Member Spotlight, Site Upgrade, + more)

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This is a discussion on March 2017 (Member Spotlight, Site Upgrade, + more) within the Cafe Communique forums, part of the Announcements category; Hi to the forum! This is the first in a series of regular letters that will keep folks up to ...

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    March 2017 (Member Spotlight, Site Upgrade, + more)

    Hi to the forum!

    This is the first in a series of regular letters that will keep folks up to date with what has been happening at Personality Cafe, make announcements, and offer forum information that could come in handy or make your forum experience more pleasant.

    We announced the reboot of our Member Spotlight (AKA Member of the Month) interviews in February this year, produced by folks on the Pers Cafe News Staff. These will be every month or two, depending on when they can complete the interviews. We are looking to include a variety of members in the showcase.

    Candidates will be selected by the News Staff rather than by popular vote (which hadn't had much participation in the past anyway), but please feel free to PM people on News Staff with suggestions for members who might provide insightful or interesting interviews.

    We are owned by Vertical Scope, a company that purchases and provides infrastructure for many sites while they continue to be run by their local staff. VS has been upgrading platforms for groups of their sites at a time, stabilizing each before commencing work on a new group of sites. Personality Cafe has had some platform issues in the last year (where there were delays in the system processing PMs, among other things) but we were not in the active upgrade group and have had to be patient while their tech teams worked to stabilize their current active set of upgrades.

    I have been pushing for us to get into the next set of sites to be upgraded, and it looks like that this will now happen. I don't have a specific date for when our version of vBulletin will be changed to a more stable version, but hopefully this will occur around mid-2017. I'll let you know more as I know more.

    One thing this does mean is that, while you can feel free to continue to make suggestions for new functionality and plugins for the site that you think will improve the member experience, there will not be anything new installed until we are changed to the new version of vBulletin and the site is stable. At that point, we would know the new version and could look for plugins that work with that version.

    ....the Report Post function in PMs?
    Each letter, I will try to cover some helpful bit of policy or how-to about the site.

    Most members know that we have a Report Post feature at the bottom bar of every post (a black triangle with the words "Report Post" next to it) by which they can submit reports to Moderation staff along with a copy of the post in question. Did you know we also have this functionality for PMs?

    Along the bottom of every PM (when you open it to read it), there is the same link with the black triangle and the "Report Post" label. The functionality is just as if you were reporting a post.

    While it might be tempting to just Forward or Copy-Paste a PM to a staff member, we prefer that you use the Report Post feature to report PMs. This is because members can edit Forwarded or Copy-Pasted PMs before sending them to us; but when we get a report, we know that the content is exactly how you received it, and we can see who sent the PM to you in the report we receive.

    Don't forget about the staff opportunities and announcements thread, where I list possible staff openings and things you can apply for. (This thread has been relocated to the Support area from its prior location, since I think more people hang out in that forum.)

    I don't really have a great name for what to call these letters (currently just labeled as Monthly Missive) and would like to rename them. If you have a better or catchier name, please PM me with your idea by April 8, 2017, and I'll pick one that I like to rename the letter column. (If I don't receive a submission by then that seems appropriate, I'll leave it open until I get one or come up with one on my own.)

    ph4t l00t: If I pick your submission, you'll get a free user title (which is the short phrase that goes under your username on the post sidebars and on your profile page). A user who already has a user title will be able to tell me what color/font they'd like, and I'll add that to your title for you.

    * * * * * * * *

    That's it for March. If you have ideas for what you'd like to see covered in future letters, free free to PM me.

    Thanks for reading!
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