Movies with themes of solitude, loneliness and isolation

Movies with themes of solitude, loneliness and isolation

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This is a discussion on Movies with themes of solitude, loneliness and isolation within the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; They are themes of importance to me, but I do not know many good movies that convey them. Any suggestions? ...

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    Movies with themes of solitude, loneliness and isolation

    They are themes of importance to me, but I do not know many good movies that convey them. Any suggestions?

    About all I can think of myself is Taxi Driver and May, and while both are good movies, neither are what I'm looking for...

    EDIT: My pursuit of movies of this kind led me to an Icelandic masterpiece called Noi the Albino. Although it has a romantic subplot, which generally annoys me, it's pulled off very well and very underplayed. I just saw it tonight and it's one of the best movies I've seen in... a long time?
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    Castaway is an obvious choice.
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    I was going to say Castaway, too. I recall recently reading of a movie which is either to come out soon or has just come out somewhere with the theme you speak of (& the article said it was good). When I remember what it is I will return!

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    Cabin Fever aswell.

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    Lost in Translation
    Samurai X
    The Double Life of Veronique
    Three Colors: Blue
    Before Sunset

    The following are some psychological horror movies which aren't centered around loneliness, but do create a bleak, dark, or unsettling atmosphere which makes one feel isolation and despair. :D

    The Shining
    Jacob's Ladder

    (Music is much easier than movies...)
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    I totally meant The Shining when I said cabin fever.


    The Secret Window, is about a crazy isolated writer.

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    Nobody does hopelessness and melancholy like the Finns. I like The Man Without A Past by Aki Kaurismaki.

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    ^Oh, I've seen that movie before and I love it, but it's not quite what I'm looking for here. (Too happy.)

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    Or what about Apollo 13? Those poor astronauts lonely and isolated inside that space capsule, 238,857 miles from their home planet.
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    Le Scaphandre et le Papillon / The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
    The true story of a paralyzed man who used his memory and imagination to overcome isolation.

    Lost in Translation
    About two people being lost in a different culture in Tokyo.

    Into the Wild
    The true story of a guy who seals himself into isolation when he goes to Alaska and leaves all the people he knows behind without letting them know where he is.

    Requiem for a Dream
    A movie of what drug addiction and loneliness can do to life.
    An exceptional loneliness scene:
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