New Robocop Movie

New Robocop Movie

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This is a discussion on New Robocop Movie within the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Basically, I liked it. The cast: great. The plot: good. The action: kind of meh at first, last half of ...

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    New Robocop Movie

    Basically, I liked it.

    The cast: great.
    The plot: good.
    The action: kind of meh at first, last half of the movie was great.
    Wish there was alittle more though.
    Writing: It was solid.
    Cinematography: Decent.

    Ok ok, I could break it all down in great detail but it's almost 1:30 a.m. and I'm fking tired.

    Any thoughts/opinions out there on it? Love/hate it?
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    I "was" planning on seeing it but I thought I would rather give that Lego Movie a shot instead based on not hearing anything interesting or spectacular about RoboCop.

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    I bought some blurays and got $7.50 off tickets for it, so I plan to go at some point.

    Basically the gist of what I've heard is that it's an okay movie on its own but nothing spectacular, and it takes a different approach than the original. I too would rather see the Lego movie but I don't have money off on that.
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    I'd like to go see it, probably after I have some cash in-pocket.

    My only concern is that I live in Detroit, and have not once seen Robocop patrolling :/

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    Robocop was a great movie, and rare film that did everything perfectly. It worked on so many levels: It worked as an action/adventure film, as a science fiction film, as biting social satire, and as a moving and poignant human story. It had layers and nuance. It could have easily been terrible in the wrong hands.

    I'm angry even thinking about it. I hate the fact that from now on, whenever I bring up Robocop, I'll have to specify that I'm talking about the 1987 film only, and that no others exist. That this project even came to fruition is a sin against art. This is the least necessary remake in cinematic history. It should be destroyed, and the original should be re-released instead. For God's sake, Robocop?? Who the hell thought remaking this was a good idea? Everything about the trailer makes the movie look terrible. And, of course, the ridiculous, sterilized PG-13 rating. Add that to the fact that the February release date more or less indicates that the distributers have no real faith in the project, either.

    But worst of all, if the trailer is any indication, half the drama of the central character is gone. So Murphy wakes up with full memory of his past life, and still has a relationship with his family? The original film occupied itself with the question of whether or not Murphy was still a man, what being a man meant, what part of him survived, and what he remembered, if he remembered anything. It was a big buildup just to see him remove his helmet and visor. It was a brilliantly triumphant ending when Murphy decides that, yes, that is his name. It literally makes you want to stand and cheer, and the test audience certainly did. Peter Weller did an amazing job building sympathy for his character with minimal emotional output, and yet his performance was incredibly poignant. His movements brought the character to life as well. Looking at him, it's easy to forget he isn't a cyborg and his suit was actually quite fragile. This new guy just looks like someone in a suit of power armor designed by Michael Jackson. The design is reminiscent of Iron Man, and probably because that movie made a lot of money.

    I will, of course, not be seeing this movie in the theater, and intend to show the original to as many people as possible. I have also personally donated money to Confused Matthew and requested that he review the original as well, in hopes that he can aid me in obliterating the remake from human consciousness. As Peter Weller says, the original will probably be watched in a hundred years:

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    I'm also wondering how the new movie compares to the original. My assumptions are that it down played the tragic nature of the character to make room for epic explosions and special effects. Is Murphy still a victim, or does this movie make him out to be some sort of hero?

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    In short it does not compare to the original when 27 years is a long release difference, requiring the film to be judged on its own merits... the best analogy I can think of is comparing Tron and Tron Legacy or what Transformers was in the 80's versus what the live action 2000's films become when each differs.
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    I can say that the new Robocop didn't really disappoint or harm the original.

    Unlike what Episodes 1-3 did for Star Wars ......or how Prometheus supposedly hurt the Aliens franchise.

    The new Robocop I think had it's own unique spin or take on it, and it's done well. Can't say the same for other franchise movies that were released later on *see above^^^
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    @Uncouth Angel

    I would recommend seeing it to find the answers to your questions and go from there.

    If the old Robocop is like.....Your old testament, then you may not like the new testament of it lol. My best analogy at such a late hour *yawns.....*

    But maybe it won't make a difference to you, no matter how good the new one is.

    It's just not the original, and you don't fuck with the originals ever. But one thing is certain, the new Robocop is explored from more reaching angles than the original, and overall the cast is just undeniable better. The actor for the new Robocop did a bangup job imo, one that was slightly different from the old, yet still very believable. He brought his own element to it and I appreciated it.
    This cast of Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton as key figures in the story.....I mean cmon......nothing from Robocop the original, as far as cast members, compares to what these guys did in this one.

    But again, maybe you don't care cuz' it's not the original. So maybe your gripe is just that.
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    Fair points. I think Tron Legacy is better than the original imo. I quite liked it. Time will tell and after all, most of this stuff is subjective anyways so meh......
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