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Rhetorical Question

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by , 01-01-2017 at 10:33 PM (56 Views)
Do you ever get that feeling, when you just *know* that something will be changing very soon, but you don't know what? It's somewhat eerie and irritating, but exciting and mysterious at the same time. I have had this feeling for some months now, and I never quite know when it will end.

Perhaps it is intertwined in my own will, and my ever-growing consciousness of what is possible for me to do in this world. The more I think, study, read, listen, watch and experience, the more I sense that I have kept myself in a box of odds and ends that I haven't put to good enough use. They are tools; they are instruments that can be played only to the tune of my imagination. And lately, it is running wild. Perhaps too wild, but with concentration and hope, it can be reigned in. I long for this energy and momentum to be expressed somehow. But for now, I will keep thinking. Keep wondering. Keep trying.

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