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  1. Needed

    by , 01-18-2017 at 08:47 PM
    You're a beautiful person. Did you know that?

    The formula for you is so precise and complex, that it can't be re-created. You fill more in the world than the physical space you occupy.

    You are a tree, but not just any tree. You grow fruit that no one else can grow, and without you, the world is less fragrant and inviting.

    Keep growing, lovely tree. I want to see how tall you can become. Let your branches stretch out to hold the hands of other trees. Together, ...
  2. Who are you, really?

    by , 01-03-2017 at 02:25 AM
    The most beautiful lies are also the most dangerous ones.

    Don't get attached.

    Don't get distracted.

    Look deeper. Sift for truth. Use it to build the watchtower of your mind.
  3. Rhetorical Question

    by , 01-01-2017 at 10:33 PM
    Do you ever get that feeling, when you just *know* that something will be changing very soon, but you don't know what? It's somewhat eerie and irritating, but exciting and mysterious at the same time. I have had this feeling for some months now, and I never quite know when it will end.

    Perhaps it is intertwined in my own will, and my ever-growing consciousness of what is possible for me to do in this world. The more I think, study, read, listen, watch and experience, the more I sense ...
  4. Don't Ask Me To Repeat Things

    by , 12-09-2016 at 08:48 PM
    I don't want to recap everything that just happened. I don't want to retell the entire show you missed. Doing this deflates my own experience and doesn't add much to yours anyway. You had to be there. I don't mean to exclude you or be a downer, but I wouldn't be able to tell it right anyway. It wouldn't have the same pizazz or impression it had when I was there.

    I don't know what else to say, so I'll be silent and hope you understand.
  5. War! *grunt* What is it good for?

    by , 11-24-2016 at 10:28 AM
    War exists for the simple reason that humanity at its core is stubborn and selfish. We innately want our own way, and when we don't get it, there comes a point for most of us when reasoning / talking does nothing. Violence and pain is the only thing we'll pay attention to. And even then, we don't learn from our mistakes. The problem is imbedded in our souls, not our outward circumstances. War will keep happening on this earth as long as there are unchanged human souls.
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