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My wish i made when i was 6.

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by , 03-20-2017 at 02:56 AM (22 Views)
When i was a kid about 6years old, i hadd a hard time at home..
It was alot of violence and my father was not nice to me at all..
Everytime my father hit me or my brothers hated me, i went running out in the woods and meditated.. when i satt there all alone i made a wish that when im 30 i will die in an painful death.
Running away from home was basicly 2 times per week, when i was suppose to go to kindergarden i went hiding in the woods, i remember one time my family got so worried when i was away for 5hours that they almoust called the cops.. dam that feeling and adrenaline that came when i got to know that, i also got a hell of a beating when i came home that day to so..

have hadd something in my mouth for about 2years now.
Not sure what it is.
My mother tells me to go to the doctor becus she thinks it's an small tumor.
I'dont want to go to the doctor, becus it's to exausting for me, i really need to go to the dentist to.. but same thing there.
I'know it's an tumor and basicly that's why i don't go, 2 years untill im 30, so mabe my wish will come true?
all i have to do now untill im 30 is to pay off my loan, and with my calculations it will be paid off before i die so no one have to worry about that.
My job is done, now all that is left is to controll the pain, and that i know will not be hard, pain is my life and will forever be in hell.

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