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  1. What are you thinking about?

    by , Yesterday at 07:50 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    Got messages to answer, games to play, and so exhausted from bringing home and helping Pieper settling in, that PerC will have to wait a day or two for my energy level to go up, my time to have a gap or two, and this grinding pain to get up off me some 'cause I'm saving the two Percocet quarters (from months ago--found at the bottom of my purse) for picking up Murphy in four weeks:

    My pain, diseases, and everything that goes with it is that severe: I can't drive 90 miles, stay an
  2. Share your daily gratitude!

    by , 05-19-2017 at 05:10 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    1) Dharma: I couldn't cope with the physical pain, PTSD and the rest without it.

    2) My husband: Best friend and companion--the second person I've loved a particular way, and more; first was my mammaw.

    3) Pickles: She's funny girl; keeps me company, keeps me hopping, keeps me from wallowing in sorrow and pain.

    4) Tim: He's only missed one Thursday Movie Night with not good, but great cause; I value his friendship inc. his keen mind.

    5) Medication:
  3. The Song Lyric for Your Mood Thread

    by , 05-19-2017 at 03:33 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    "Look at that old photograph, is it really you,

    smiling like a baby full of dreams;
    smiling ain't so easy now,
    some are coming true,
    nothing's simple as it seems.

    I guess you count your blessings with the problem
    that you're dealing with today,
    like the changing of the season...
    ain't you come a long way...
    ain't you come a long way...
    ain't you come a long way down...
    this old road..."

    Updated 05-19-2017 at 03:34 PM by BranchMonkey (Paragraph break for easier reading.)

    Baby Boomers , Ill health and Coping Skills
  4. What are you feeling right now?

    by , 05-19-2017 at 11:43 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    The pain is rough today, but it was really bad yesterday; and getting to have dinner and watch a film with my husband and friend last night fed the little need I have for companionship. Pickles it out on the bed, preparing to settle in for her nap, which usually lasts for hours. And we've got things to prepare tonight for picking up Pieper tomorrow.

    I feel anxious, excited, and more anxious: One car, no AAA, two hours there, two hours back (to/from the breeder's), an old car, small
  5. What did you dream about last night?

    by , 05-14-2017 at 04:14 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    I was in a Protestant church and some church ladies in authority handed me a large silver tray with various basked goods, some small, some large as muffins and told me to go around table to table and pass them out for Communion. When I went to the last row to start, children looked up and I could see they already had pieces of what I had on my tray, and I was confused, started picking up bigger pieces, muffins and the like, and giving them equal shares, saying, "You'll say at some point when

    Updated 05-14-2017 at 07:39 PM by BranchMonkey (typo correction and paragraph spacing.)

    INFJs , Compassionate Living
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