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Journal for therapy

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by , 11-01-2014 at 05:10 PM (434 Views)
I suffer from seasonal depression and I need to record my day in order to understand if I'm going off track or if I'm staying on track. What those two are are very vague.
Today while shopping with my mother, I felt winter coming. It was cold, Jack Frost had nipped his teeth on my nose. I don't know what made me sad, really. But it happened, and it had lasted maybe for about a couple of hours. I felt dead, destroyed. I am nothing but a dumb piece of meat, and the ironic thing is, everyone is treating it with compassion.
But they're just dumb meat too.
I'm not aware of why I feel upset sometimes, I just ​do.

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  1. Noctis's Avatar
    I developed severe depression during college.
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