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by , 01-07-2017 at 12:15 PM (290 Views)
Recently now going back to ESFP.

And watching actors that are supposedly ESFP for CT reference. I ended up watching "Pride and Prejudice" which stars supposed CT-typed ESFP Keira and her co-star who everyone presumes is playing an INTJ leading male, Mr. Darcy.

But then I wondered if the man playing him and maybe if the actor himself is an ISTJ instead. Which is mentioned on personalitypage as the ideal pairing, along with isfj, for esfp...

I partly cannot believe it because whenever I have experienced the most pain from someone, I always assumed they were ISTJ. Anytime I am forced to obey rules, fill out lots of paperwork, be told to mind the details and logic...I attributed to ISTJ. I guess, it is just projection...kind of like what Lizzy does to Mr. Darcy. According to CT, Conan O Brien is an ISTJ. Can u believe that? He is always pegged as an enfp. But I believe it now. Have you seen his interviews...he can be super serious and a full on history buff. And I like him. I also like Mr. Darcy. Haha. The guy's eyes and quiet demeanor is dreamy.

So maybe it is true that ESFP likes ISTJs. Whenever I am thinking of my ideal guy, I tend to go for descriptions of men who are dutiful, responsible, mature...however, I also like soft men and those who can feel deeply and express their emotions directly. But I don't like emotional whiny men...those who explode at random moments or are easily angered...I also like freedom and so being tied down or constantly corrected is painful and annoying/infuriating. So...that is why I will remain single. Lol.

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  1. Ryosuke93's Avatar
    Oh my. I think the actor is actually an infp or some shy enfp now...
    Updated 01-16-2017 at 01:42 AM by Ryosuke93
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