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  1. Personal Astrology Profile - Part 1

    by , 08-13-2016 at 02:41 PM
    Well I've decided to use blog entries as means of documenting everything I've found on my astrological profile.

    Sun in Aquarius:

    One of the standout characteristics of those born under the Sun Sign of Aquarius is their unwillingness to follow the beaten track. With advancement and progress on their minds, there can be an irreverence to old and outdated ways of thinking ...
  2. Happy Memory #1024 - Purple Pill

    by , 08-13-2016 at 03:55 AM
    I guess no one reads my blog here except for me. No use compiling the memories and forming a book. My time would be better spent writing more.

    Mixed feelings about today. Of course everyone in the country is celebrating the win. I was really happy too until I heard about an old man in my neighbourhood passing away.

    The last time I saw him I just looked at him and averted my eyes. Kinda shy to say hi even though hes really friendly. He walks around the neighbourhood ...
    Happy Memory , Life
  3. Older INFJ wisdom

    by , 08-11-2016 at 06:45 PM
    So in my time looking through the INFJ forum I picked out two pieces of advice that I could certainly use.

    "It is amazing how easier it will be once you do it right atleast once"

    I often feel so dejected when I am taking on a task where I continously get it wrong, but I need to keep trying till I get it right. Practice makes perfect.

    "Work hard when someone is looking and relax, take your breaks when they aren't"

  4. Vegetarian?

    by , 08-11-2016 at 06:22 PM
    So here was feeling smug that I may never become a vegan or vegetarian unless it was for health reasons. And now I have found myself in a position where I may need to try it for my health's sake.

    I have been on a low carb diet for a while, but feel like I increased meat as a result. My menses seem to have worsened. Even though I lost weight and felt healthy. I read about women who have similar issues and have decided to take action, although I will see a doctor too for it. I truly ...

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  5. The Protectors

    by , 08-10-2016 at 11:02 PM
    I really have fallen in love with this label for INFJ "The Protectors".

    Usually I never felt resonance with any labels when I thought I was other types. I actually did not feel worthy to be labeled, the isfp "artist" or infp "dreamer" or the intj "scientist" or esfp "performer" or enfj "giver". It didn't have a ring to it when I would think of myself. It did not seem to fit.

    But somehow, the protector, seems ...
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