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  1. Concerning ESFPs

    by , 05-03-2017 at 12:19 PM
    Yes, you probably saw this one coming if you read my last post. I couldn't resist doing the rest of it so here goes!

    Concerning ESFPs

    This book is largely concerned with ESFPs, and from its pages a
    reader may discover much of their character and a little of their history.
    Further information will also be found in the selection from the Red Book of
    Westmarch that has already been published, under the title of The Performer.
    That ...
  2. CelebrityTypes Cognitive Function Test

    by , 05-03-2017 at 11:11 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post

    I agree--not very reliable; most of the tests don't seem to be.

    My gut says I am INFP leaning, but not far over the line, toward T.

    My husband says--as those who meet and get to know me--that I am very analytical; he gave me examples, and I could not dispute them.

    Today during meditation I thought, "You're INFP but because of the suicides in your family you are afraid to put that down and keep
  3. INFJ Poetry Thread

    by , 05-03-2017 at 10:49 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    If I made a hammock
    and spread out my pain...
    would you call my weaving

    ~C.K. Edgeware

    for my friend Sam who lost her mother.
  4. CelebrityTypes Cognitive Function Test

    by , 05-03-2017 at 08:31 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    You have a deep and persistent intellect that tends to receive its impetus from hunches at the very edge of consciousness.

    More often than not, you tend to be brooding over some problem or possibility, attempting to encompass all possible and impossible views on it at the same time, and to weave them all into something greater. Hence you have it in you to be seminally creative by developing completely new perspectives on big questions that were commonly thought settled.
  5. Add or Substract Something From Previous Poster's Food Dish

    by , 05-02-2017 at 06:26 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    @Goblin Jane

    When I was 20 I went to the store--true story, and I faint from heat; it was muggy, in the 90s, so I wore a tank top, no bra, and regular bikini briefs.

    No one noticed at the convenience store that it was underwear; figured I was wearing a bathing suit bottom, no big deal, but on the way home a little boy, about five was walking with his mum and he said, loud, unself-conscious, "Why is she wearing only panties?" and his
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