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  1. Clearances (2 of x)

    by , 04-24-2016 at 03:35 AM
    After three weeks, I'm almost done running between departments of the hospital getting signatures for clearance. Once I get signatures from three more departments, I'll move on to the administrative offices within the medical college, then the offices around the university. Enrollment doesn't start until August, I hope I can finish all these tasks by the end of May.

    I can't wait to finish clearances. It's really tedious work ;_;

    I meant to post a lot more aside from ...
  2. Screw the 2010s

    by , 04-24-2016 at 03:01 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by SJWDefener View Post
    OneRepublic - Counting Stars
    (do NOT call this rock music despite those guitars, as it is no way in hell it will ever be)
    Katy Perry - Roar
    Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
    (the latter two songs have great messages but extremely poor delivery i.e. they sound annoying and make me lose faith in humanity because people have delivered good messages in the past with BETTER SOUNDING MUSIC e.g. Man In The Mirror and Earth Song).

    Firstly, how can you call that music?
  3. Inner and Outer.

    by , 04-23-2016 at 05:58 PM
    I definitely believe in "being the change you wish to see in the world," especially if you do not find yourself reflected in the world. Looking inward is important, doing self-work to be the healthiest person you can be, and becoming "the best version of yourself." This often involves hard work and I do think that many many people shy away from that hard work in one way or another or avoid things that they don't want to face within themselves and subsequently never solve certain ...

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  4. INTJs and the belief in God

    by , 04-23-2016 at 08:11 AM
    It's true that INTJs tend to be logical, seeing they have Extroverted Thinking as their Auxiliary function. But it's important to note that the dominant function is Introverted Intuition. As such, their Te is only a slave to their more irrational function. Ni, based on my understanding, takes an interest in the mysterious. The world that is excluded from what can be observed by senses alone. At least I take an interest in the mysterious, spiritual and metaphysical. This is the open mindedness of ...

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  5. Happy Memory #963 Church Prawns

    by , 04-23-2016 at 06:49 AM
    Me: Heeeey mummy, am I soft-spoken?

    Mum: No, not at all.

    Me: Hmmmmm.

    Mum: Why?

    Me: Cos the guy my friend is introducing is s soft-spoken. Then like the Japanese teacher we match the girl with him that is similar type to him so I'm wondering if I'm soft-spoken. But then again this one is the guy asking to be introduced so I have no idea.

    Mum: What do they mean by soft-spoken?

    Me: Oh they called him gentle too. ...

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    Happy Memory , Life
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