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Happiness Is Stupid

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by , 01-06-2017 at 04:47 PM (263 Views)
Those who subscribe to the notion of Happiness live in a dream. Happiness is like an orgasm or a honeymoon or that moment when you get a promotion before you realize your idiot boss is crapping on you with a bunch of responsibilities that will require you to stay late six nights a week and receive the blame for everything that goes wrong.

Sadness is the baseline of all humans. Some people have mental disorders that cause flights to or even perpetual existence in a false reality of effervescence but the reality is beneath that bubbly puke is a dark, cold, miserable existence that just persists throughout life.

The sooner we can embrace the sadness and treat it as reality, the easier it will be to accept crap as it comes. Dad's diagnosed with Alzheimer's in his 60's and had no pension so if he goes in a home mom will be living on $1k a month? Life sucks...who would have expected anything better. Everything that can go wrong at work DOES go wrong at work and everyone thinks you're incompetent? So fucking what.

I sat today at Sizzler...by myself...at 34 years old...without a girlfriend or any friend for that matter and chewed my gristly steak and checked out the tight arse of my cute waitress...sublime...well, not really...it was stupid. It was 32 degrees this morning...in Silicon Valley...and I had to wait 15 minutes for my defroster and defogger to thaw my windshields (I don't own one of those scrapers) so I could get to work on time.

It's fucking cold. It's fucking lonely. It's fucking hopeless. I don't know what's more depressing...being at a job where my primary area of responsibility is a total disaster or coming home to a situation that is rapidly deteriorating before my very eyes and where all sorts of complex dynamics are at play. I will likely be living at home for the rest of my life because my brother and sister, though capable, would never help pay for the bills mom will no longer be able to pay and I can do so if I am living at home without renting an apartment. Not that that is awful...I enjoy my mother's company and have no current prospects toward my own family. But...it's still ridiculous that it has come to this. And I'm 99% certain my boss is colluding with her boss to give her job (when she retires) to her new apprentice...who knows 0% about technology (my boss knows about 1/100th what I know as it is). Fuckity Fuckity Fuckity Fuck. The mouse runs up the Fuck. The Fuck fell down and broke his crown fuckity fuckity fuck.

So, you see, life is fucking stupid. Life is fucking sad. Accept it. Stop trying to make your situation better. It will never happen. Things only get worse. It is the recidivism of our worst fears. It is the reciprocity of all the good things you've tried to do coming to karmically bite you in the ass. Accept that you will be disappointed. Accept that little will go your way. Accept that you will be alone...if not now, eventually. Accept that your SO's and kids and parents and grandparents will abandon you one way or the other.

Megyn Kelly went to NBC because $20M wasn't enough...a whore of the worst kind. It's the age of sequels and movies are fundamentally shit. The next Democrat President is going to make us all take self-driven cars designed by near-sighted not-a-sexuals who wouldn't know a sensual curve from a socket wrench and the cars will try to tell us what groceries to buy and what television programming to watch while we are being transported (did someone say Google Brother Is Watching?). "We've got an inch of top soil left." Sean Connery is too old to make movies. Russia and China will usurp the U.S. and enslave the world in a new era of tyranny unlike any before seen...if Trump doesn't blow it up first.

When will they have active euthanasia for people over 18???

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  1. starfairy's Avatar
    the Buddhist's say "Life is suffering". I think happiness is all in your attitude. Take going to the Sizzler for example. You could have been happy that you had enough money to go out to eat. Happy that you got a cute waitress. Happy that you can chew and swallow or that you have your mobility which allows you to do things like go to restaurants. Or you can wallow in misery and what you find wrong with your life. When i feel unhappy I think of people who have it worse off than me. That lends to a feeling of thankfulness which often leads to feelings of happiness. Also, it is scientifically proven that actively smiling will produce feelings of genuine happiness. Psychology calls it "facial feedback." Maybe you could try it.
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