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Something else about another thing

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by , 04-19-2017 at 03:14 PM (85 Views)
Is perception reality?

No, it seems to be though. Your or my interpretation, that may or may not approximate truth (whatever that may be), is what gives us "reality". Even when we use a set of premises or rules to help us make an "objective decision"our subjective evaluation of things and our experiences makes the simplest decision a party of discord.

Mainly, what I'm on about is, sometimes that perception (a foreign one), is what will define your reality. There are other factors here depending on the circumstance that come into play. Like power. For years being black was associated with negative things, and even if a black person didn't feel bad about being black, the circumstances forced them to live under a reality in which they essentially were, even if this reality was based on someone elses' interpretation of something that is otherwise devoid of any value (intrinsically).

I've spoken about this before and was recommended a book and told that this was just a "damned if you do, damned if you don't type of sitch". Don't really expect any type of conversation, even on a forum. It is nice sometimes when out of the blue you find something that helps you figure it out. Or, er, helps your perspective. I don't know.

This whole reality vs. perspective things brings up things about cognitivism and subjectivism and that's a whole can of worms that confuses me.

In a world of exceptions, categories are the least helpful.

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  1. Gossip Goat's Avatar
    The answer to this seems to lie in stoicism. Or some kind of adult version of "sticks and stones", just ignore them. Which doesn't really address what is in question, it merely ignores it out of the seemingly lack of any type of solution.

    For things that are more serious, that involve a difference in power, I don't think ignoring it will do much for the person. Even to transform a reality, doesn't seem to work. The rise of Black Power has not solved the problem of racism. I think the solution is not in fixing the afflicted's tolerance level or perspective.
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