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New Years Resolution

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by , 01-01-2017 at 04:22 PM (52 Views)
1) Fix my sleep schedule. Go to sleep around 1 (for the time being) & wake up at 9ish.

2) Read for about an hour in the morning & an hour at night (topic list somewhere else).

3) Begin reviewing for my organic chemistry & calculus classes before the semester begins just to make it easier on myself and get into the swing of studying. (2 hours for each class per day ish).

4)Stretch while studying

5)Begin weight lifting

6) STOP BEING A TAB HOARDER (I have over 200 tabs stored in OneTab & pinned to google chrome that I NEVER look at). This could be a part of "reading", because the tabs are stored due to some kind of important info contained in them that I need to go over or organize or make a note or something.

7)Organize important information (tangibly IRL in folders and online via OneNote)

I think this is all tame ish stuff...sort of easy to get into.

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