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  1. Write The First Words That Comes To Mind After Reading The Last Word!!!

    by , 04-18-2017 at 06:23 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    #1225 Ald52OnMyTonguePleas wrote: unable to be culturally commodified
    Both testicles enhanced at once: Damn, that must hurt!
  2. Infraction for PerC: Trolling, Poor Posting Quality, Not Fun

    by , 03-20-2017 at 08:50 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Maybe View Post
    Post: All Public Polls
    User: PerC Events Moderator
    Infraction: Trolling
    Points: 10

    Administrative Note:
    Trollin' Pollin'
    Message to User:

    If I wanted a good joke I would go to the test forum and laugh at it's radioactiveness . But to be ridiculed publicly by the the forum itself... well! Such a thing is despicable, horrid, and other adjectives that are unfathomable to the shell of a person I am!

    If you want to see for
    General , Other/Misc.
  3. Imagine What the Poster Above You Looks Like - One of the Girls

    by , 03-03-2017 at 03:09 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    @mytinyheart - truly adorable, so here's for you:

    "Picture Me!" ...Yes, I will :)-cjbrvbo.jpg
  4. What are you thinking about?

    by , 03-02-2017 at 06:35 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    I'm thinking how I spent nearly a decade on another personality forum, no regrets--or not many; and how I prefer this--more suited to it, I think--but had I joined it way back then, perhaps it would have been the wrong sequencing: I've grown, not just aged, a lot since my true "newbie" days in terms of personality forums. I had forum history before that; mod history and on staff, too--no or not many regrets there, either. It's all grist for the paper mill, metaphorically speaking.
  5. My Personality.Info

    by , 03-02-2017 at 05:21 PM
    I had never taken this test before; just finished the basic one.

    INTP - Engineer

    Temperament: NT - Intellectual

    Introvert 89%
    iNtuitive 89%
    Thinking 68%
    Perceiving 58%

    Population INTP: 2.5% male 1% female

    *Misleading %s for INTP as this applies, perhaps, to United States; it does not, however apply to, say, India and a few other countries.
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