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  1. Untitled

    by , 06-21-2017 at 06:12 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Nyarlathotep View Post
    The whispers of my past have slowly been creeping up. Over the months I thought they died off, long withered away by time, but only to find out they were just buried under the crypts of my mind. Last summer, I cheated on my boyfriend at the time. We were long-distance, slowly drifting apart, and my depression and anger issues were getting worse. Iím not making excuses for why I cheated, just laying out the context of the situation. There was one week in August where I felt like complete shit: work
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  2. Religion and the INFP

    by , 06-20-2017 at 01:58 AM
    I consider myself an atheist. Why? Because I'm simply not convinced that a god exists, and I've never really needed the existence of a god in order to be happy in life. For some people it's comforting to know that there's a god looking after them. But I personally don't require such comforting. (I hope that doesn't make me sound arrogant).

    My family isn't religious, so I was never raised to believe a certain thing. I was allowed to come to my own conclusions, and the conclusion I ...
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  3. Deathscape Collage

    by , 06-18-2017 at 10:26 PM
    I've decided to archive some of my posts for reasons.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nyarlathotep View Post
    I decided to go in a different direction with this one. Do you ever notice your impressions when you enter into a room empty of people? We often say that a space or location has a certain personality or aura. In whatever space we inhabit, especially in our living spaces, we leave an energetic footprint. What's occuring is a never ending interaction between our physical spaces and us: with their textures, smells, colors,
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  4. How to overcome ISTJ wekanesses?

    by , 06-07-2017 at 01:23 AM
    Overtime I had seen a lot of post of personalities strengths and weaknesses.. And today I had thought about ''What if we overcome or make an effort to erase our weaknesses'' Me as an ISTJ something that always bothers me is to be simple. Don't get me wrong... I love with but then I would love to be more. Another thing that bothers me is not being able to analyze an outcome. I play a lot of videogames and constantly I blame my overthinking and obvious patters and not letting my NE disturb me letting ...
    Tags: istj, mbti, weaknesses
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  5. Things I'm Grateful For

    by , 05-31-2017 at 02:27 PM
    I experienced an amazing moment of gratitude last night. Trying to keep that going... I'm someone who has issues with finding it difficult to just be happy with what I have, always feeling like the grass is greener on the other side, and I think the people around me get annoyed at me for this.

    The thing that inspired this emotion (yes, I do believe it was an emotion) was actually kinda ridiculous, yet sweet. I was on Spotify, as I often am, listening to one of those Daily Mix playlists ...
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