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What are you feeling right now?

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by , 04-19-2017 at 08:58 PM (50 Views)
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The usual, "I can't believe I stayed up too late... gotta clean Pickles' cage; get her food; clear the bed; brush and floss... And my husband is THE most understanding, supportive people I've ever loved. He's also a laugh whore:

He went to his Wednesday night Bible Study after helping someone move stuff, and during the study, a member was talking about angels --something about the book of Revelations as I call it though it's singular, and the other member was saying how Christians don't know each has a calling they are missing out on.

So my husband broke in and talked about how my calling now is to write, which we're hoping I'll get back to doing as I once did, and that with him, in the beginning of our relationship my calling was to get him to dig deep, to stop doing harmful things, to keep him alive...

Someone there, a friend, who knows the story really well and respects me, said, "Yes, but that was a long time ago, and my husband cut him off, said, "She peaked early."

This comment, because of the respect the man has for me, and my husband's delivery, caused the man to blush, lay his head on the table, and laugh. It disrupted the Bible study, and every time the lay pastor tried to continue, the laughter would start up again between my husband and our mutual friend.

Finally, the lay pastor sighed and waited until he could "really" continue...

So, my husband is snoring in the living room and I am not feeling "too" guilty about his not being able to come to bed.

And every time I picture his expression--easy to do between my imagination and his expressive face; and also picture our friend who said, "But that was a long time ago; and then my husband saying, off-hand, abrupt, dismissive, "She peaked early," I grin inside so big.

I love that man.

And now I will attempt to show it by logging off, getting Pickles' stuff ready, and otherwise acting a tad more like an able-bodied adult rather than a nap-adverse child.

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