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Truth....... or not?

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by , 03-20-2017 at 05:44 PM (58 Views)
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I feel getting to 100% level here is a bit pointless.
It is, for many of us, not the point. I didn't come here to reach a certain number or have something impressive-sounding written under my user ID.

I came here from another personality forum--spent nearly 10 years there, far too long--got type-cast; got bored; got irritated with the quality going downhill, so I left after giving and getting all I could from it.

Here? I like it better as the emphasis is on a variety of types not just one, or only "thinkers" which to most thinkers means "smarter"; I like it here because it's big, and I have the chance to roam around when I'm up to it and discover new areas; I like it because I have--and I take the opportunity--to help new people who need a boost, and I have personality typing and other forum history, including as staff (literary critic) and moderator (not really my thing--too much like policing, especially conflict-making considering my upbringing).

I think the key, if you stay @sprinkle is to find the right balance; the right places to start, not just contribute to threads; and pacing:

Too few posts and interaction? You don't get the habit, make more than acquaintances; too many posts and you burn out fast or get bored.

My two cents' worth, because you're smart; you're likable; you're the first ISTJ who gets a lot about me, or hell, one of the first people, period.

Stick around, Babe. Just slow it down, mix it up, and stick it out.

If you don't, though, always know I like the ones I do, wherever they are... but it's a lot nicer if they're nearby.


12,000 seems like a lot to get Cafe legend but OK, sure. :-0

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