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Truth....... or not?

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by , 03-18-2017 at 03:40 PM (66 Views)
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sprinkle wrote: I feel like you're more of a walker than a swimmer if I had to guess.

You know me very well, and I cannot remember your personality type; I will look it up.

Yes, I love to walk; however a doctor suggested that because of my cervical and lumbar spine disease, the pain--I should learn to swim. I have a phobia regarding swimming and pools--boys tried drowning me twice; once when I was nine; once when I was a teenager.

But I did teach myself to swim; it took six months of getting used to the water, kicking my feet, being around safe people at the YMCA, reading instruction books and watching videos... and one day I didn't know I would do it but I kicked off the edge of the pool and did a backstroke.

From then on, I got better and better.

I could do the crawl but it was difficult. Then I became so good at backstroking the lifeguard trusted me and didn't watch. The pain also did not ease up, so I quit going, but hey, I did it--beat a phobia, tried to overcome pain and get strong.

I learned that had I been allowed, and encouraged, I have a natural swimming style--the backstroke being my best: I felt as though I and the water, were working together when I backstroked--very unusual; very pleasant.

Now, @sprinkle for you: Do you go to the gym every day, hmm, I could see it, but being introverted, maybe not. I will say true.

Oh, my next statement:

I love pasta dishes, especially creamy ones like Chicken Alfredo.

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