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Toxic online communities

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by , 04-19-2017 at 08:39 PM (42 Views)
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I was on a personality forum for going on a decade, took a couple breaks when it got really caustic. Otherwise, I was well-respected, and that was great, but what was I getting out of it? Too much playground name-calling and "cite your sources!" and circle-wagon-jerking.

I look back and wonder, though don't regret, staying so long. And I'm still in touch with the founder and some members from there.

Turns out that for me PerC is a better place for my temperament.

I also like how it's set up--a lot like the other place was for years, but toward the end of my stay, or middle to end, there was less and less of a feeling of community, more and more of what on one forum we called "the shark tank mentality," i.e. you cannot stand the blood-rich water, go back to land.

I only had six people on Ignore over there; three or four were the same, always skirting getting banned, and on most everyone's ignore list, officially or otherwise.

PerC is more diverse in terms of types. Sure, we get the "My type is better than your type" and we got the usual sex, religion, politics wars. And the nutwhackers (I can fit in that category on a bad day, I'm sure--by somebody(s) standards, but over all? I like it here, and I plan to give as much good as I can, so I get some of that back:

Sensible. Easy some days; harder on others; it's called living real.

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