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How are you today?

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by , 03-19-2017 at 10:13 AM (57 Views)
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This stage of my medication taper is always the roughest, and this round is particularly difficult: Nightmares and sweats; Charlie horse in hamstrings, bone pain, moving as though I am underwater, not enough energy to take a shower (just sponge/spot cleaning myself).

I know it'll end, and I will get a break until I start the next round, but this morning I was talking aloud to soothe myself, saying I wanted my mother--not my birth, real-life mother--so she would reassure me and wipe me down, feed me, tuck me in and stay with me a while. Being vulnerable in many situations is reasonable; being vulnerable in this one is hard because my entire central nervous system is affected, and I have to tell myself, "Temporary state; it'll pass; just wait for the break..."

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