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itsumo gorogoroshiteru

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by , 01-25-2017 at 03:18 AM (335 Views)
watashinoseikatsuhadaikirai desu.

I always idle. I always allow my carefree attitude to consume.

I have to change my life badly. Like i wanted to punch myself real hard. Or i wanted someone to fuck me from my asshole. xD

i want someone to punish me. :P

I wanted to be an ENTP. I allow my fucking senses my fucking feelings to control my life.

(yet i enjoyed it.) but thats enough.. not everyday is play day.[ATTACH=CONFIG]634738[/ATTACH]
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  1. _haphazard's Avatar
    We've got secret boners for xNTP ですね。。。
  2. atamagasuita's Avatar
    [QUOTE=_haphazard;bt77810]We've got secret boners for xNTP ですね。。。[/QUOTE]
    Hahahaha!!! I guess so.. But i have a crush in the office. Nyaha. XD

    But he's not my team mate, another department. Hihih. XD

    One time i know I've seen him staring at me and then after that I've always noticed him every time

    And then he'll get that ISTP LOOK i guess nyahaha. XD i always bumped at him

    One time i wasn't looking at my surrounding.. Then i suddenly look
    And then i met him eye to eye and he shy away. Hihi shy types. Nyahaha. XD

    Okay.. I'm just amusing myself hahaha
  3. OutsideLookingIn391's Avatar
    Wow. I like you a lot!
  4. atamagasuita's Avatar
    [QUOTE=OutsideLookingIn391;bt79562]Wow. I like you a lot![/QUOTE]

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