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  1. How old do you feel?

    by , 04-05-2017 at 07:50 PM
    I was old when I was a toddler; my mom called me "Wise Eyes" though I do bear in mind she was mentally disordered at the time.

    I've been told I've lived more lives in one than is physically possible, and I suppose compared to most Americans, that's true, but compared to people around the globe living in war-torn places and other sordid and sorry situations, I'm not so much privileged as protected from more harm than I realize.

    When I'm relatively well--as ...
  2. Do you like going to the grocery store?

    by , 04-05-2017 at 07:20 PM
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    Bouncing off the mall thread, what do INFPs think of food shopping?

    I actually enjoy it, as long as it doesn't feel like too much of a chore. Just generally, it's fun for me to pick things out. I find all the colors and logos fairly stimulating, and I like finding new things, even that I'm not personally interested in. Finding good fresh food is especially nice, as it gets me excited to cook and eat healthy.

    I also kinda don't mind the social aspect. (Given I don't

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  3. Problems with another INFP

    by , 04-05-2017 at 06:31 PM
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    Dear fellow INFPs,

    I am really in need of your help here to resolve a conflict with a colleague.

    My colleague's an INFP 5w6 who loves hoarding knowledge and doing research. He really likes to criticize ( not sure if this is a common E5 trait). The problem is that this colleague always criticizes in a judgemental and subjective way based on his value system. Sometimes he comes across as a know-it-all who doesn't think before he speaks. This is totally different to my
  4. Have You Ever? Game

    by , 04-05-2017 at 05:39 PM
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    No to consumed by money--a fear of "mammon" instilled in me as a child, or temperamentally not my thing.


    I wanted to answer an earlier one about a dangerous situation. I've been in many but the worst was coming face to face, and defending my son, against an actual sociopath who stalked his girlfriend, sat through her shift at work--the entire shift, to make sure she didn't cheat. He threatened to kill

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  5. Experiment No. 2: Do You Have An Idealised Way Of Seeing Yourself?

    by , 04-05-2017 at 04:58 PM
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    I know what you're thinking- what!? This experiment is likely only to apply to NFs or ESFXs and even then, probably only really fits type 4s...possibly 2s! Okay so maybe some of you aren't thinking that. But to be honest, this experiment, I'm hoping to dig a little deeper. Everyone has an idealised way of seeing themselves. But how might this be different from NTs to NFs from NFs to SFs from SFs to STs so forth. Maybe for some types this might not even be an issue. Let's see how they differ and

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