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  1. Some People Are More Aware of Human Complexity Than Others

    by , 03-13-2017 at 06:23 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    Truth....... or not? Lord of Tentacles wrote:

    I would eat snakes!
    My last two were true but I'm gonna have to start mixing it up--maybe tomorrow. :p

    Nope, wouldn't eat snakes--or buy anything knowingly made of/from them. You, Lord, would, and already have.

    Although I have pet rats, I also like snakes, and my favorite exhibit at The San Diego Zoo whenever I visited was The Reptile House where I was saw an albino python eat a white rat; it was fascinating.

    Updated 03-15-2017 at 05:19 PM by BranchMonkey (Adding photo of Pickles - One of My Pet Rats)

  2. Truth....... or not?

    by , 03-13-2017 at 05:47 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    Lord of Tentacles wrote:

    My mother is a very logical quiet person!

    Hmm, my own was a nutwhacker.

    True for me. I did well on that test, came out as "mildly depressed" and also "more honest than my therapist" which shocked him. Goofballs, it's true: So many psychologists jump to conclusions, and are unsuited for their chosen "profession."

    I have enough Cherokee blood to vote if I wanted to prove it,
  3. Women: Have you ever been in a physical altercation? Sun Bear Started Thread

    by , 03-13-2017 at 05:14 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    My poll option wasn't there, or didn't feel adequate to the situations.

    My birth mother and an older foster brother used to place bets and make an older foster sister and me fight, like cock fighting to them. We were similar in size but not temperament or age:

    She was extraverted, active, aggressive; older; I was introverted, passive, non-aggressive.

    This went on during the summer, I don't know how many times, but I snapped one day--tired of being pummeled,
  4. Moods Change - And So Do Others' Perspectives

    by , 03-13-2017 at 04:32 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    @Dental Floss Tycoon

    Your eyes have introverted, feeling, intelligent--and that tell-tale analytical vibe: INFJ

    @Sun Bear

    This photo reminds me of an ENFP sister (I have a lot of sisters), and the eyes are angry; don't know if it's a selfie (most of my own are not), so hmm:

    I've known a lot of ISTPs and they don't look like this unless they're in the middle of a nasty situation;
  5. True or False, The person below me Game

    by , 03-13-2017 at 01:55 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    Lord of Tentacles:

    TPBM does Martial Arts or Self Defense
    Nope. Tried it when I was much younger: Wado ryu, had a French sensei. Also, later, I took a self-defense class--I was the only student the volunteer cops were afraid of as i got so into seeing them as what they portrayed: rapists.

    I didn't "blow out the cop's knee" as he pleaded for me not to, and that brought me to my senses. I also didn't graduate--chaperoned the junior high school
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