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  1. Current Reads

    by , Today at 07:15 PM
    I love reading about paranormal, science fiction, erotica romances. I don't see other authors and writers as competitors. I don't get why some writers view others as competition. We each have our own stories to write. I'm also a reader so I'm not going to be only reading what I write myself. I actually like reading other people's stories. Between reading, writing, work, blogging, keeping my dog company and posting on the forums, I have no time for real life. However, it's not like I have ...
  2. My life changing discoveries

    by , Today at 01:41 PM
    The reason I have started this thread is to share some of my life changing discoveries which I hope to be really helpful.

    I would like to begin with a state in which I feel absolute peace with myself. It is the state where I am, I would say, mentally in the environment. I am constantly absorbing it and make some conclusions considering the things I gather from it. However, every time some person comes into my mind, peace vanishes and I start getting extremely nervous. After having ...

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  3. Socializing as choice over socializing as ability

    by , Today at 01:36 PM
    I have noticed a great mistake I was doing when it comes to pretty much any activity, mostly socializing. I was looking at socializing more as an ability than as a choice.

    The thing is that when you look at socializing as choice first and then as a activity, you can decide whether or not you want to participate in it. Otherwise, you won't be able to decide about that.

    The reason why I was prioritizing socializing as a ability over choice is that I have been brainwashed ...
  4. Happy Memory #155 - Missing Cat and Home

    by , Today at 11:07 AM
    Today there was a lady setting up food on the ground, and a grey-brown kitty lazing on the ground nearby. Actually, all the strays in the garden look very happy to be there, so yeah, there’s no need to rescue them at all! And there was even one stray cat lying in the same place as the few days… who looked a little fat. His belly looked a little fat as he lay there on the exact same spot of concrete. The other gray cat that was being fed by a man was there at the same sheltered place. It was lying ...
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    Happy Memory , Life
  5. Essay about attracting women

    by , Today at 08:31 AM
    The question that has never been answered is: 'What attracts women?'. This essay will not give you the definite answer to that question, but accomplishing what is explained in it will bring you lots of amazing women to your life, and hopefully make your life better.

    There are people who expose themselves to being wounded or criticized by acknowledging their limitations. Such people are called "vulnerable". Vulnerability is a way to show interest in a woman, while still conveying ...
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