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  1. Spend **FIVE MINUTES** to Write a POEM (RIGHT NOW!)

    , Yesterday at 03:00 PM
    I'm proud of this, and it wasn't even 5 minutes. I've earned my approval, I'm too stingy with..

    Quote Originally Posted by Baf View Post
    Of course he means a lot to me!
    Not knowing what I've done
    Not having really lived at all
    It is in the small things

    Glimpses of thruth beneath confusion
    They shine through everyting
    Can you grasp them?

    I'm blind to most and most to me
    Everything I do matters
    And I have to bear this burden
    Or not live
    Tags: poem, truth, try
  2. Through the anus to the stars

    by , Yesterday at 11:53 AM
    I really hope that by August/September, I'll be elsewhere. It probably won't happen, the consequences are too massive.
  3. Say something positive about yourself

    by , 04-22-2017 at 08:54 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    I am in pain; tired; got Pickles Duty; I'm broke; can't drive (medications); don't own a car; this town has no bus; the weather is up/down/all over; my health if frighteningly bad most of the time; I'm isolated; no family but my husband and pet rat...

    Yet, still, like today, I experienced kid-like silly joy trying to get a bra back over my head--I had it over my tee shirt in Walmart; got stuck and tangled up, had to have help:

    I like this part of me, and it's core--out
  4. What are you thinking about? - Added Photos of Finished, Clean Room

    by , 04-22-2017 at 07:44 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    Finally, the Meditation/Yoga Room will be ready for final work: 50/50 white vinegar spray with citronella oil. Then the few items I need go back in, and I have my space back. Woot!

    UPDATE: April 22 2016 in time for our 29th First Date Anniversary; done, with basics back in it:

    Small TV for watching Peggy Cappy's, Yoga for the Rest of Us

  5. What are you thinking about?

    by , 04-22-2017 at 05:34 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by BranchMonkey View Post
    It's our anniversary eve: 29 years tomorrow for our first date: San Diego Sockers when they were champions something like 8 years running. We've been together more than half our lives, now. And we're happy together.
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