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  1. Happy Memory #333 - Why I Write

    by , Yesterday at 11:26 PM
    I spent one hour crying last night and now I have the sniffles. I think I was most hurt about my godfather saying studying songwriting was a waste of time. Or that writing is a hobby of mine and a waste of time.

    Why do I want to write anyway? I was lying in bed and thinking. I probably earn less writing than I would if I go work in retail like I did in the past. At least, the amount of hours I invest in writing, I probably earn less per hour than I do working in retail. It makes no ...
    Tags: writing
    Happy Memory , Life
  2. Entry #3: Posts from Facebook

    by , Yesterday at 09:20 PM (WeirdRaptor28's Blog)
    I've spent so much time on Facebook mobile while tending to our store that I've written stuff that I think would fit a PerC blog entry. Here's some of them:


    I obviously have an issue with people who have so much free time and use it to do things with little value in life. I think this feeling stems from my own experience because I regret wasting a lot of my own time on ...
    Life , Other/Misc.
  3. "Celeste"

    by , Yesterday at 05:53 PM (Melancholy's Musings)
    Everything is alright, beautiful, angelic one

    Your ivory, porcelain skin will be protected, upheld

    I keep you in my grasp like a long treasured memory

    A distant echo from the past reverberating through the age

    I want you to smile, fair one

    I wish you joy and elation

    Years of health and strength

    Power, love, and company

    You are to me a white winter dove

    Fleeing from the chaos and pollution ...

    Updated Yesterday at 08:13 PM by Monsieur Melancholy

    Art , Life
  4. "Children of the Evening"

    by , Yesterday at 05:47 PM (Melancholy's Musings)
    Children of the evening navigate the city's veins

    Travelling to and from the heart

    In sync with rhythm through the lanes

    Fearlessly we scale the granite cliffs

    Anticipating new air to breathe

    We ride invincible titanium chariots

    Thundering past all our old obstacles

    We tear down walls and replace them with portals

    Pushing past limitations imposed upon mortals

    Don't settle for the ...
  5. Happy Memory #332 - Chick Chick

    by , Yesterday at 08:44 AM

    CHEEP CHEEP CHEEEP So cute, right? The one on the right is mine. I bet I wear that expression a lot. Dunno what to name it yet. Boy or girl? Lol. Whooo knowwws.

    Offer!!! Offer!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH I keep buying Sumikko stuff cos they keep going on offer! D: And glitter pens for cheap, one for bc, one for me. Hope they last! Sometimes cheap stuff the ink runs out.
    Tags: things
    Happy Memory , Life
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