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  1. A warning

    by , Today at 03:41 PM
    I wanna say that I know this site is probably just supposed to be about personalities but since people from my old school follow me on Tumblr, I'm gonna blog whatever the hell I feel like blogging on here. So welcome to my new and improved anything blog.
  2. Mixed emotions?..

    by , Today at 12:11 PM
    This is my first blog so yeah
    -Sometimes I'm fine and then other times everything comes to the surface and it just sucks. I don't know how to describe it other than it sucks. It's like carrying bricks around with you and every so often one will fall on your foot. (Not to bore you all with emotion bullshit, but I just never talk about this and felt like I had to put it somewhere, so it ended up here.) Is it possible to be depressed yet... not? Because I swear I was happy lately ...
  3. Happy Memory #017 - Nice Counter Lady

    by , Today at 07:28 AM
    *Lalalalala, bouncing out of bathroom to the entrance.*

    *Hold card over scanner* *Stare at card scanner*

    Why is it not working? Hmmm... *Frown*

    Nice counter lady approaches me. Thankfully she was outside. Suddenly realise I saw a guy walking out behind me earlier. Let him go first.

    *Hold card over scanner again*

    "Weird. It worked before, I could come in."

    *Nice counter lady takes my card and turns ...
    Tags: 7w8, infp, swimming
    Happy Memory , Life
  4. Sorcery

    by , Today at 04:36 AM
    How dare you weaken me,
    Thoughtlessly prevail me,
    Unleash vibratory,
    In my territory.

    Lay your eyes upon me,
    Since they are beyond me.
    So long purgatory;
    Eternal savory.

    Let the ferry sail me
    Lecherously in me.
    Riveting smothery.
  5. Eastern Oregon

    by , Yesterday at 11:00 PM
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    Irrigation Creek

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    It was an unexpected walk, that first morning in Richland, Oregon. I took water since this was the type of area to not wander far without water. I read about the area we were visiting, what to expect from the terrain, and all about rattlers since I'm from a more temperate climate ...
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