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  1. Do you recognize any of these people?

    by , Yesterday at 05:34 PM
    This video was a great illustration of the 4 personality types of the DISC. I immediately recognized two people in my life as Dominant and Influential.

  2. What are you feeling right now?

    by , Yesterday at 06:07 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Arzazar Szubrasznikarazar View Post
    I'm so sick of it all. Of this sick subhumanity surrounding me. How they subjected me to sadistic, inhuman abuse since I was born, how the world and how they refuse to take responsibility for it and not only refuse me the compensation they justly owe me but they also refuse me any help in recovery and right to live.

    It's so sick and twisted.

    I can't find help anywhere. Almost everyone just agrees with what was done to me and what is being done to me.
  3. ENFJ Stereotypes

    , 10-19-2016 at 06:52 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by HGy View Post
    I fit the stereotype, what can I say.

    I love & care about people and respect those who do the same.

    I'm friendly and confident.

    I'm a keen observer. I can read people VERY well.

    I have high standards for myself and others- but often have more grace when others fall short. When I'm the one falling short I go into problem solving mode to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. I hate failure! I hate when I'm unable to see my
  4. Asian Trap Music

    by , 10-19-2016 at 01:58 PM (Ethanol, clean fuel from A to Z)
    This video puts a smile on my face

    Tags: humor, music, rap, trap
    Music , Life
  5. My Infraction story

    by , 10-18-2016 at 04:46 AM
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