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  1. Happy Memory #1000 – First Outings

    by , Today at 10:40 AM
    OMG he asked me out for coffee today. Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Scary.

    But the place he asked me to go I have a direct bus to!!! Though I was just there a few days past. My mum got her cable from there. She wants a white cable.

    I'm strangely not that nervous. I managed to nap quite well too!!! I think because we kept texting and he seems more like a friend now. Oh well, we'll see how things go.

    Too hot. I went to hide in the train station. My internet doesn't work ...
    Tags: dating, family
    Happy Memory , Life
  2. Fi and Te interactions #1

    by , Today at 02:02 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Inheritance View Post
    My Fi, as much as I treasure it, is really weak. I like to see it as strong, but truth be told it's weak in comparison to those who lead with Fi. This isn't necessarily bad, however, as disadvantages can be turned into advantages. In short I can say that my Fi is everything my Te isn't.

    When I'm insulted by someone, it first hits my Te (Someone tries to offend me but I have no reason to take offense) and then my Fi (It doesn't work). I've noticed the opposite being through for many
  3. Yup. Im done. And embarrassed but also enlightened.

    by , Yesterday at 04:55 PM
    Okay, I need to formally apologize to the following types: enfj, estp, isfp, and finally intj.

    I wrote so confidently in all your threads thinking I was one of you. But I guess I was deceiving myself. I mean, I really connect with our functions that we share. I think there is a lot we have in common. But part of me always felt something off. Now I see what was off. I am an esfp who spent so many years in school, higher education, in a technical science career, then bullied, with many ...

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  4. Oh my gosh, i think i am esfp.

    by , Yesterday at 02:15 PM
    Frick. Damn. I think i just convinced myself I am an esfp. If i think back to my childhood i was a total esfp. I was the class clown. I was the one who tried pulling introverted kids out of their shell so they can "have fun" also. I was always mindful of feelings, though i seemed to make people angry, especially adults, all the time because of what I would say and how chatty i was. But in high school i became depressed and it severely changed the course of my life. I became super withdrawn, ...
  5. Money

    by , Yesterday at 02:13 PM (Ethanol, clean fuel from A to Z)

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