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  1. Flame of Dedication #028

    by , Yesterday at 10:54 PM
    7 woke up, family
    9 forums
    10 breakfast
    12 forums
    5 forums
    7 try to sleep
    8 dinner with mum
    9 G exercise, shower
    10 lie on bed
    11 tv, sleep

    5 wake up
    7 get out of bed, tea
    10 blog
    1 PerC, lunch
    3 forums
    5 wake up from nap
    7 PerC
    8 dinner
    9 G exercise, PerC
    10 forums
    11 tv, sleep

    2 fall asleep
    7 wake up
    8 Mcdonald’s with ...
    Flame of Dedication , Life
  2. Happy Memory #222 - Thinking Talking

    by , Yesterday at 10:52 PM
    Aunt: Your father likes to talk like this. *mumble mumble* When your mother talks to him, he barely responds.

    Me: Uh… yeah. (And? So? Is this a problem?)

    Grandma: He can’t do that! He’ll grow dumb if he does that, just like how your Grandfather doesn’t talk much now.

    Me: Uh… (Are you sure? Will that really happen? I don’t think Grandfather is that way because of it… And you talk so much, when does he have the time to talk? He talks when I’m around.) ...
    Happy Memory , Life
  3. Big Five Personality Test (

    by , Yesterday at 09:05 AM

    From here.

    Like I think this test is a bit wonky in terms of the I-E thing, because they associate friendliness with being an extravert I guess. Not very accurate. I think that's why I chart in the middle instead of introvert. Definitely an introvert. Need energy from being alone.

    I guess I am quite agreeable in real life and quite open too, unless people say I should do something I don't believe in. Neuroticism, ...

    Updated Yesterday at 09:41 PM by Reluctanine

    Tags: 7w8, infp, test
    Other/Misc. , Test Results
  4. Contradictions

    by , Yesterday at 07:38 AM
    I'm all for legalization of marijuana. I don't use it, but I would if I got cancer. I would be taking cannabis oil in high doses, I'd be juicing the leaves, and I'd be vaping it. I wonder if it was legal, if my brother would be going through what he's going through now? What if it was and there was no stigma attached to it? He would have an easy way to get that high he's addicted to and wouldn't have to resort to other means. He wouldn't have to sneak around and he wouldn't feel bad about himself. ...
  5. INTP one of the worst types one could end up with - for long term Life Goals and jobs

    by , 10-23-2014 at 08:01 AM
    Saved for later. One of the reasons I browse this forum is that once in a while, I stumble across something 'profound' (at least to me). I need to give this "experiment" a try...

    Quote Originally Posted by Gazoo View Post
    When I was in my 20’s I did an experiment. I imagined I was on my death bed. That in two hours I would no longer be alive. The sunrise I saw that morning was the last I’d ever see. I really took my time & got myself into character. Then I asked myself: What do you wish you would have done with
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