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  1. Yoav rocks!

    by , Today at 06:00 AM
    As winter fall down on London town,
    I feel the walls closing in,
    The silver sky is turning us, to stone,
    We hide beneath the ground,
    Feeling so broken and,
    Cannot tell the day and night,

    Well I think,
    But I'm not sure,
    I don't know how,
    It is, we came to be here,
    Doesn't it seem strange,
    I mean, could it be it's not really happening now.

    And the animal,
    Is always in your heart, ...

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  2. My Twisted World 0006

    by , Today at 02:27 AM
    1. How are you today?
    Bad. Slept too short.

    2. What are you thinking of right now?
    About their plans to starve me. About their evil malnutrition worship.

    Also, regarding eventual future if I'll ever gain desired skills, about the suitist threat.
    I remember meeting them for the first time in college. Vermin. Scum. Filth.
    It was during an academy in the beginning of the year. I was there to try to get an EU scholarship for deficit degrees. ...
    Tags: evil
    General , Life
  3. Depression was on my heals so I stopped running part 2

    by , Yesterday at 11:23 PM
    This video is me after, made it a couple of days ago, no longer in that depressive state as I was.

    Depression was on the back of my heels since the beginning of December, but it got really bad in January. Was really depressed, and I found myself swimming in it at that point, totally identified with all the unfortunate circumstances of my life.

    But I have been given a work which does not afford me the passivity ...

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  4. Depression was on my heels, so I stopped running

    by , Yesterday at 11:21 PM
    This first video depression had taken me, but the worst was over... but I was still pretty darn depressed man. I explain why in the video, but I was at the point of a turn, where I was moving away from depression. I woke up and just started to talk to my camera, with this one. When I say a savior isn't coming for you, I am not dissing "Christianity", I am a Christian of sorts, I am just stating a fact, in such depressive states if no one is around, you're going to have to make the decision ...

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  5. Working on Fe

    by , Yesterday at 11:17 PM
    I don't know if it's because it's been a very difficult week. A week of a lot of hard work, a couple surprises, some happy news, and who knows what else.

    I find myself working on a project in a group of almost 60. Most days I leave and feel like I should/could have done more. I think about what I should have done at the end of each day when I should be spinning down, relaxing and recharging. I've even gone in the next day with the goal of attempting to do more and add in extra ...
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