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  1. MBTI as anime stereotypes

    by , Today at 04:39 PM
    Hey guys! I'm sort of nervous since this is the first time I've made a post like this, but anyway, I think a fun idea would be to type some of the anime character stereotypes into MBTI ( with dere types included). Heres a list of some of them with the type I think most fits them:
    Tsundere: ESTJ
    Yandere: ISFJ
    Dandere: IXFP
    Kuudere: INTP
    Undere: ISFJ
    Kanedere: XSTJ?
    Tsunshun: IXTJ
    Kamidere: ENXP
    Himere: ESXJ
    Yangire: ...
  2. The first of May....or maybe not.

    by , Today at 03:00 PM
    On this day of the first of may i stare at this wall with great dismay.
    The paint has not yet dried, i ponder a while and then i sigh.
    Maybe today will be the day where my thoughts will go away.
    Leave me with an empty head that i may rest down on my bed.
    Maybe or maybe not too many questions, let them rott.
    I am the child that they forgot, i will remain forever lost.
    Maybe or maybe not, to live this life i pay the cost.
    Will i survive or will i not. ...

    Updated Today at 04:23 PM by Why so serious

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  3. Working with 468 by dominant type in Tritype

    by , Today at 11:03 AM
    Dominant type leading the 468

    These Tritypes with type 6 leading are paradoxical. Ironically the 6s with this Tritype are the most hyper-reactive but they are still tentative and apprehensive. Their mental projections can make their reactions very confusing to others. They may at times show their anxiety and look timid and in need of support and at other times they can be so intensely assertive and provocative that their needs go unseen. The high side of these Tritypes ...
  4. Working with the 468 Tritype

    by , Today at 10:58 AM
    Working with the 468
    468s can have trouble identifying what is a true emergency and what just feels like an emergency. If their internal alarm bells go off, the 468s are in fight or flight. Once their emotions are triggered their adrenaline is running in hyper-drive and needs to be discharged. So it is extremely difficult for the 468 Tritype to slow down and delay reacting.

    One of the best ways I have learned to help the 468s achieve a sense of equanimity or emotional balance ...
  5. Why are 468s so intense?

    by , Today at 10:54 AM
    Katherine Fauvre Enneagram Consulting

    Why are 468s so intense?

    All 468s, regardless of the order of the types in their Enneagram Tritype, have a strong innate sense of urgency. The 468 is the Enneagram Tritype that is comprised of the emotionally expressive type from each of the 3 centers: head (567), heart (234), and gut (891). As such, they are visceral and reactive. They respond immediately to any and all perceived threats, whether real or imagined.
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