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  1. The Tides are changing

    by , Yesterday at 07:07 PM (The Savage)
    Do I know where to go?

    Where are the answers?

    Deep within I feel it. I know it.

    Where does the path lead?

    When the truth finally comes out I will be standing above everything. I will be accomplished. I am the controller of my own potential. The sky is not the limit. The limit reaches far beyond the sky, earth, and possibly the heavens. I will not be shackled to the restraints of this world. I create my own universe every day.
  2. 4.21.14 darkness with transcendence light

    by , Yesterday at 05:36 PM
    I watched A week with Marilyn. it was emotionally gushing with a fountain of a girl who had a really fucking terrible week. we all know how that feels like. it was glorious to see how she transcended that and regained her composure and herself her character and her personality amidst terrible persecution tyranny and misunderstanding bordering on hate. it helped her to have a friend who communed he didn't understand her completely but he knew he could help her understand she had immesurable strength ...
  3. I Know What I Don't Want As An Occupation

    by , Yesterday at 10:41 AM
    Today I scraped paint off of my house, so that I can later prime the house, and then paint the house. To be able to scrape paint off of a house you must first get 2 ladders and an aluminium walkway to put between those 2 ladders. Then you (me 200 pounds) get on the walkway with your grandfather (320 pounds), then you realize that the walkway has a weight limit of 250 pounds. "Hey gramps should we both be up here at one time?" I ask. "Of course you'll be fine, they test these weight ...
  4. Who needs smarts, anyway

    by , Yesterday at 08:18 AM
    Ever feel like people view you the same way you view yourself? Stupid, useless, irritating. From what people tell me, this isn't the case. But I'm pranoid; I worry.
    I feel as though the things I say just get passed off lIke unwanted luggage (please someone tell me they get the reference I just made). I have ideas to offer, and sentiments. But they seem to get disregarded constantly. I don't articulate as well as some people. There's the problem, right there. I'm an incredibly slow thinker. ...
  5. Riverside motherf*cker

    by , 04-21-2014 at 04:38 AM
    So I got banned...for starting a knife fight. In a sanctuary. Not my best moment, but ultimately I don't regret what I did, just where I did it.

    I'm not gonna lie, I don't like [REDACTED]. They irk me. I know who they are, and they do as well. I'm not gonna name names, because I don't want to be banned again, and despite my dislike - that's not why I'm here. I'm here to explore a conceptual framework - the enneagram - that I think holds some significant insights into human nature. ...
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