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  1. Happy Memory #216 - Morning with my Mum

    by , Yesterday at 11:00 PM
    Grandma: *to my aunt, with me standing at the side* Her uncle was bragging to the people at the coffee shop about how well she takes care of Grandpa. That’s why he said girls are better. Boys are..

    Mum: Ah, it’s because she has the heart.

    Me: :D *strolled away to drink water*

    Aunt: Yeah! The two cousins don’t even call to ask after Grandpa. Make her uncle so angry.

    Grandma: He was saying if she wants to eat anything just buy for ...
    Tags: books, family
    Happy Memory , Life
  2. Going around in Circles

    by , Yesterday at 01:44 PM
    Today I cursed my far away man out, but when am I not cursing at him? He is really frustrating. I mean really. He knows I'm siting here writing a book about us, trying to save money to go visit him. He knows he could help speed up the process in meeting by saving money also and scheduling a time. Instead I feel like he is flirting with people wherever he is. I just have that intuition. I don't know for sure if he is or not, but when you know something in your gut, that's how I feel like. ...
  3. Reading list for the socially inept (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

    by , Yesterday at 07:43 AM
    Reading list for the socially inept (part 1):
    Okay, so the following is a reading list, but pay good attention. I'm going to color code it to designate which type of problem each book addresses.

    Green: Will designate books used to increase suaveness. Such books will instruct one how to outwardly act to impress.

    Red: Will designate books which can be helpful in arguments. Such books will teach one how to argue without destroying the relationship, or how to avoid ...
  4. Dating/Friendship with a Narcissist

    by , Yesterday at 04:09 AM
    Ive come to the conclusion that Iím a hypochondriac.. for mental disorders. one week ago, I was convinced I was a narcissist. a year ago, I convinced myself I was histrionic. a few months ago, I was wracking my nerves with the thought of borderline. now Im sitting here, like what the fuck is my problem?? why do i have this need to diagnose myself? hm, it must my anxiety personality disorder. BADUMTSSS

    I apologize to anyone who suffers from a mental disorder or illness, I do not mean ...

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  5. Do I care?

    by , 10-20-2014 at 10:45 PM
    I alternate between apathy and caring a megaton.
    At my best I don't really care much. At my worst I'm caring a lot about my family and it's not in a good way.
    Observing and being silent is something I enjoy. It was funny that my brother noticed that and listed it as my defining attribute.
    A lot of times I used to be pushed into things and mostly fear. Physical pain and I don't go hand in hand in that way.
    Now a days I keep doing things like expecting to have to socialize ...
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