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  1. My Twisted World 0011: My Primary/High School Grades

    by , Today at 04:23 PM
    Toxic Primary School:
    In my 5th class my behaviour grade was 4.0 and the average was 4.3/6.

    In 6th class the atmosphere in class got much more toxic. I started having trouble going to school.

    In 6th class my behaviour grade dropped to 2.0 and the average dropped to 3.6.

    In my 7th class, my average dropped to 3.2.

    During the last two years of primary school, I was targeted by two psychological abusers. One of them was an ex-friend ...
    General , Life
  2. My Twisted World 0010: It's Game Over Man, Game Over

    by , Today at 03:13 PM
    So, it looks like it's finally the end of my mother's business for real. It's no longer possible to live from real estate appraisal.

    Which means I'm dead unless I'll find help.

    Many things happened since last entry.

    I got a few donations and I got myself some books on pen and ink drawing and better art materials. I hoped to find more fans and finally start selling more prints/run a Patreon.
    Learned a lot of new things about pen and ink drawing. ...
    General , Life
  3. So I said I would stop

    by , 09-28-2016 at 12:57 AM
    ...but I can't. Now I am going to entertain the thought that I am an INFP. That would, on some level, make sense.

    I often feel like Si and Te are both my weakest points. And when I get stressed...not only does Te come out aggressively, but I also sometimes get stuck in my past...and sometimes become a hypochondriac...

    Anyways, just recording this crazy notion that maybe I am not ISFP.

    I am trying CT, Cognitive Typing, but I feel like I don't really see the ...
  4. Happy Memory #1032 - Falsehood

    by , 09-27-2016 at 09:08 AM
    Received some bad news today. But life goes on. I still havenít given up on my dreams. There was supposed to be a doctorís appointment today but they got the dates screwed up after I specifically double-checked the previous time. No idea whatís going on.

    I donít know what happened the past few weeks.

    I donít know whatís going on.

    This whole world has gone reaaaally weird.

    Whatever. Not my business to bother or care.

    I still ...
    Happy Memory , Life
  5. On Fear and Coping

    by , 09-26-2016 at 09:27 PM
    Disclaimer. These are the reflections of a confused and inexperienced human, don't let them weigh you down if they don't feel right to you.

    This is a post about my own sins.

    Fear is a sin, right? Excessive fear, perhaps. A deep sort of fear.

    Well, for me I can't overpower it with will. I cannot. My dad tried that with me, yelling at me, telling me to snap our of it. So there's the aspect of a gentle approach, learning at my own pace.

    Tags: coping, evil, fear, good
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