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  1. Happy Memory #622 - Chocolate Typewriting

    by , Today at 08:13 AM
    Ahhhh can there be anything better than eating a chocolate muffin and drinking ice cold milk? Thatís life, man!

    I was thinking about my parents today. (When am I not?) And I think my dad is a 9w8, while mum is a 2, not sure about her wing! I think itís more 3 than 2. So, thatís dad 9w8 and mum 2w3. Iíll observe them more haha.


    Writing was good today! Feel like writing some more, but Iíll leave this enthusiasm for tmr.

    I realised I was ...
    Tags: family, writing
    Happy Memory , Life
  2. Perfect job for this NF type 6w5

    by , Today at 01:29 AM
    Well, Im in a job that feels like there are a lot of NFs and/or type sixes. Sure we have a healthy mix of types and I welcome the different approaches, but I honestly feel like this place fits me. All my sweat and toil in caring for others and dilligence with understanding needy areas of mental health are befitting for this position. Plus, it dabbles in my type 6 nature for the need of safety and security and meeting the anxiety needs of hysterical people. It's very much like a psychiatric hospital ...
  3. The Parallel Universe

    by , Yesterday at 09:02 PM
    The young mother ran desperately, panting helplessly, clutching her newborn child tightly to her bosom. The night air was icy and thin, naked tree branches created an awning for her. Their fingers twisted and crumpled, contorting in odd ways, reaching out. The wind howled and whistled, sending chills down any spine. Her wide eyes glanced behind her in panic, checking again, and again. She focused straight ahead, and then looked back once more. Focus Dianne, she told herself. Youíve almost lost him. ...
  4. Happy Memory #621.2 - Bread Party

    by , Yesterday at 05:19 PM

    Except when theyíre chocolate muffins!!! Om nom nom nom. Haha, my mum doesnít allow me to eat chocolate muffins very often. As in, sheíll bitch about me eating them and not being able to poop even though that doesnít happen to me cos I drink a lot of water. The bitching is usually not worth the chocolate muffin, so I just buy something else. BUT ITíS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH SO I GOT TWO!!! I still have one to eat today. HAHAHAHAHA! Chocolate muffins ...
    Tags: food
    Happy Memory , Life
  5. Happy Memory #621.1 - Bread Party

    by , Yesterday at 05:18 PM
    Mum: This is like a bread-

    Me: BREAD PARTY!!!!!

    Mum: YEAH! Letís go have a bread party!

    My mum loves this!!!! She didnít know what she was eating though hahahaa. Itís nacho cheese with hashbrowns on the bread! Really delicious of course. Things that are cheesy and fried are always tasty.

    Curry naan bread! THIS WAS SUPER GOOD! ...
    Tags: food
    Happy Memory , Life
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