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  1. Happy Memory #721 - Food Habits

    by , Today at 08:45 AM
    Lol, my dad ate the tuna bun for dinner!!! And the pie for breakfast. So I asked him which one was better. He said they both tasted different. Hahaha. As long as it tastes good, itís good for him I guess.

    My uncle is different. Heís SUPER particular about food. Heís a bit like me, food critic lol. My aunt as well. She will seek comments from me to improve, and then make her own in agreement with me usually.

    My dad does have opinions on food though. Like if he doesnít ...
    Tags: family
    Happy Memory , Life
  2. Beat procrastination

    by , Today at 07:32 AM
    I am a big procrastinator.
    And I don't like it.
    It makes me anxious, guilty, and hating myself.
    Then I re-read waitbutwhy's article about procrastination.
    It makes me remember everything that I forget.
    Gratification monkey, panic monster, dark playground, dark woods, happy playground.
    I want to change.
    I don't want to be like this anymore.
    I want to finish everything that I start.
    It's hard, I know.
    But I must not give up or ...
  3. Test -0

    by , Today at 02:16 AM
    You and another forum member in a video.-if-you-wish-understand-universe-think-energy-frequency-vibration.-nikola-tesl.jpg
  4. Happy Memory #720 - Egg Dragon

    by , Yesterday at 10:12 AM

    Mum: Do you want to buy the egg?

    Me: Okay! *grabs the pink egg after shaking a blue one and chucks it in. Blue one had no noise.*

    Me: Yay! My egg!

    Mum: I didnít know you would really say okay when I asked if you wanted the egg.

    Me: Well, if you didnít want me to say okay you shouldnít ask.

    Lol. First time I see ...
    Tags: things
    Happy Memory , Life
  5. Happy Memory #719 - Sushi Pie

    by , Yesterday at 10:11 AM
    We then had the big drink of plum green tea with a lot of ai yu jelly. Didnít take a pic. Forgot. Too busy drinking looool. Itís cheaper there too. The big ones are the price of our small ones, with additional stuff too.

    We bought breads this time! My mum and I agreed the donuts were too sweet. And weíve already bought so many!!! I didnít eat any donuts today. Hm. Already way over calories though. Ah well. Tomorrow!
    Tags: food
    Happy Memory , Life
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