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  1. Interrogating Science

    by , Yesterday at 04:10 PM
    For the most part, science is the best methodological and epistemological path to understanding the nature of reality. However questions and issues of scientific realism/anti-realism, instrumentalism, theory choice, and the problem of induction should be considered. First of all do the theories that science utilizes really explain the fundamental nature of reality or are they just mere simplified explanations of the the natural processes? Are the entities that these theories explain actually real ...

    Updated Yesterday at 05:52 PM by Thanatesque

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  2. Hopsin is still so underrated

    by , Yesterday at 08:40 AM
  3. Happy Memory #581 - Hot Supply

    by , Yesterday at 07:48 AM
    I was thinking about supply and demand today. I think itís interesting. I think the supply and demand for books was really thrown a curveball with the advent of the internet. For most basic necessities, supply is given when there is a demand. At least, for established products and services, like letís say people need a place to eat on the road, so a diner is created. Or even for urban planning, when thereís a high population in a place, you can establish schools, shops, etc.

    But for ...
  4. Quests for Self-Growth/Meaning? (Meaning As Narrative Construction)

    by , Yesterday at 12:26 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Thanatesque View Post
    Living is a constant search for meaning and purpose. I've been plagued by feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration, and these have been catalysts for examining life at a deeper level. There's this impulse to strip things to its rawest forms seeing that society relies heavily on facades, representations, and symbols for its meaning and has built certain sets of relations upon these things. This also has lead to the realization that certain narratives predominate over others, leading us to falsely
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  5. Stream of Consciousness/Vent Thread: Slightly Closer to Non-attachment

    by , 06-28-2015 at 11:02 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Thanatesque View Post
    As of late, I've been feeling more level-headed and equanimous. I'm starting to feel more synchronized with life's ebbs and flows. I'm seeing a glimpse of what non-attachment is like. The desire to reactively detach from life and others is lessening. Detaching is just another manifestation of attachment. To detach is to preemptively construct a certain outcome; you're still attached to an outcome. I feel more free-flowing and less artificial. More in control by being less controlling. There's less
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