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  1. Happy Memory #543 - Found Eraser

    by , Today at 09:07 AM
    Yay yaay! Still 6kg down today. Wonder if I can get some more down in time? My footís cut is a bit better, but I want it to heal more!

    Iím gonna be alone at home from tomorrow onwards! :( My dad got a job! :D Itís at the school nearby too! :D He can just walk there and walk back lol. :D Heís getting a few hundred more! :D So itís super goood. All by mysseeeelffff~ donít wanna be allll by myseeelffff~ itís okay, I have my soft toys for company. Iíll be okay. :|

    Omg ...
  2. Happy Memory #542 - Bolle

    by , Yesterday at 08:28 AM
    I slept about an hour too late last night so no sticker! :( bleargh! Hmmm okay, starting to realise that when I go online at 10pm, and thereís no limits, I tend to overshot!!!! Sooo, maybe 10-12pm will be internet time from now on! Then until 1pm I can read or do some other thing to wind down for the night.

    OHHHHHH! I was reading the body book yesterday or the day before and they talked about how territorial people are and to command more respect by spreading legs etc. So I was like ...
  3. Flame of Dedication #64

    by , Yesterday at 08:27 AM
    5 sleep
    6 read
    7 mum bdae breakfast
    8 forums dance
    9 Bad Dream Bridge
    10 write
    1 sleep
    2 survey corps shower
    3 lunch
    5 forums
    7 write
    8 dinner
    9 nap
    10 write
    11 blog
    12 language
    1 draw edit piano

    6 sleep
    7 breakfast
    8 backup - failed :(
    9 forums
    10 writing plan
    11 lunch dance
    2 read
    4 nap
    5 survey corps shower ...
  4. Happy Memory #541 - Productivity

    by , 05-25-2015 at 08:31 AM
    RIP John Nash :( I watched the movie based on his life when I was a teenager, then I read the book associated with it. I even have the disc somewhereÖ Iím sure part of my interest in Economics came from that. :(

    I always loved the quote from the movie!

    ďI've always believed in numbers and the equations and logics that lead to reason. But after a lifetime of such pursuits, I ask: 'What truly is logic?' 'Who decides reason?' My quest has taken me through the physical, ...
    Happy Memory , Life
  5. Things I often forget

    by , 05-25-2015 at 01:05 AM
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