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  1. What's your Subtype based on Cognitive Functions?

    by , Yesterday at 09:33 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by B00Bz View Post

    I'm pretty sure it failed me. Anyway I know a lot of people say they use all the functions equally and they are some sort of special snow flake...I don't want to be one of those people, but that ain't much of a difference between the first and the last.

    So lets do this:

    ENTP=Ne, Ti, Fe, Si

    ENTJ=Te, Ni, Se, Fi
    ENFJ=Fe, Ni, Se, Ti
    ENFP=Ne, Fi, Te, Si
  2. Realization

    by , Yesterday at 06:29 PM
    A friend and I have a close connection, and I remember that upon meeting her that she had opened up to me about her brother, who had died of a drug overdose. I want to so desperately know what had happened to her during this time period, but I know it would be rude to ask such questions. My inability to piece the fragments together are driving me crazy. After going through her blog, I had realized that deep down, I look up to her, perhaps as an older sister figure, and I had wondered if she felt ...
    Tags: friends
  3. Happy Memory #288 - Zoro

    by , Yesterday at 06:25 PM

    YAAAYYYY!! LOOOOOOK WHo’s in the Mcdonald’s meal here? AWESSSOMEEEE!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D He’s really big!!! Like the size of my palm. And you press this thing at the back and his hands spin the sword arouuundd!! SO COOOOOOOOL!!! :D:D:D

    I wanted to get it but my mum didn’t think it was worth it, then she saw it and was like OH. SO COOL! Cheap tooo!!! Like nowadays how many anime figurines are so coooool? All really small and don’t ...
    Tags: things
    Happy Memory , Life
  4. Happy Memory #287 - Cousin Cookies

    by , Yesterday at 06:21 PM

    Uncle: Go to your big sister. Go, go. *getting tired from hugging her for so long*

    Bc: Yeaaaah! *runs over so I have to hug her, while we’re all watching tv*

    Me: *hug hug* Here, I throw you to your aunt.

    Bc: Yeaaaah! *runs over to my mum*

    Mum: *hug hug* I throw you back to your mother.

    Bc: Yeaaaah! *runs over to my aunt*

    Aunt: Lol!

    Bc: ...
    Tags: family, food, things
    Happy Memory , Life
  5. Flame of Dedication #36

    by , Yesterday at 06:20 PM
    8 wake up
    9 PerC
    10 breakfast
    12 forums
    3 nap
    4 shower food
    7 songwriting
    10 blog PerC music

    6 wake up from mum snoring
    7 get out of bed
    10 songwriting
    11 breakfast
    12 blog music
    1 lunch shower
    2 read
    3 idle evolution game
    6 read
    7 dinner
    8 G exercise
    9 my exercise
    10 shower
    11 tv
    1 supper read PerC sleep

    7 wake up
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