[May 25] From what I can tell this morning, it looks like threads created from 4-28-2017 onwards (until the last 12-24 hours or so) are not appearing on the forum. I am contacting Vertical Scope as we speak to see what I can find out about this and how the issue can be resolved.

We appreciate your patience as we investigate this further.

UPDATE [May 26]: As of late May 25 / early May 26, the missing month of threads looks like they have been restored. However, anything created yesterday in that period while the problem was being investigated by Vertical Scope and the threads' restoration now looks like it might have disappeared. We have let Vertical Scope know of the issue.

Basically, if you think you are missing threads/posts in missing threads from yesterday, it's likely to be related to this issue (not a moderation action). Please go to the main Support area if you are still having issues, since there are some threads there addressing it. Thanks.