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Guide to becoming awesome: MBTI Edition

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This is a discussion on Guide to becoming awesome: MBTI Edition within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; All lies!! Don't trust any of this!!...

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    All lies!! Don't trust any of this!!

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    Hi guys. i am an intp, and i would like bust into a social circle , do we do chat rooms anymore?

    I have been very clumsy with this page. it reminds of of Sarah frantically running thrugh the maze for toby

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    i didn't read any of this post. at all. and i am still commenting. THOU SHALT DEAL

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    I understood that reference.

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    I like this very much

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    TL DR but

    "The true strengths of the core personality type can be realized by training all functions of the psyche, which is accomplished by developing the functional stacks of additional personality types."
    100% agree. I didn't look to my life for going to the same theory, I'm more analictycal, but I think the same, it's about "showing to the world the nature of your prefered(s) function(s) with the help of every other". For example socionic make clearer distinction beetween function wich are valued (FiNeSiTe for INFj (INFP in mbti)) and function wich are not valued BUT present. An INFj (INFP), at best, make Fi a "hero" with help of function wich aren't necessarely valued for the type. ESTj can make a Ni philosophy wich will be the base of the representation of the world for Te "domination" for example. ESTp can make moral as a way of life (Fi - a function that ESTp have hard time to use) for asserting Se (power over everyone in a way ^^)

    At the end, you end with psychopat people being moral leader of the peace of the world ^^

    This is not necesseraly the easier way of living : this is getting the better of yourself.
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    Thanks for acknowledging me

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    nice threadl. btw why can't i post or create a thread in the forum?

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    well this is a long fucking read and I want you to know that I didn't read it

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    Wow, this was truly brilliant, a little over my head at times, but brilliant. Best explanation of MBTI I have ever seen!

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