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This is a discussion on MBTI Jokes within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Here's a good one: The cake is an ENTJ...

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    Here's a good one: The cake is an ENTJ
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    If it's jokes we're dealing, here's something I wrote a while ago.
    Hope you guys have fun!

    MBTI & the Fence, By CasusBelli

    The ISFJ will lie on the fence for you.
    The ISTP will cut the fence for you.
    The ISFP doesn't know there's a fence, but if you told him about it he'd believe you.
    The INFP will blame you for putting the fence there, and issue a petition that you lie on it for everyone else to cross.
    The ISTJ will push you into the fence, so that others may pass on top of you.
    The ESTJ sent the ISTJ to push you into the fence, so that he can rule out all available options for the situation.
    The ESFP will run your corpse over with his ATV, crash into the fence and die.
    The ENFP will comment how the blood-drenched fence posts remind him of delicious red vines.
    The ESFJ will snarl angrily at the ENFP for making disgusting food-related jokes.
    The INTP will calculate the mollecular strength of the fence in complete vaccum conditions.
    The ENTP will let others deal with the fence, so that he can later on brag about his contribution to the group effort.
    The ESTP will collect the money from the bet he made that the ISTJ would push you into that fence.
    The ENFJ will form a new community called the "fence farseers", where he plays the role of leader-guru.
    The INFJ will break off of this community to lead his life as a wise hermit who resides high on top of a fence pole.
    The INTJ already knows who put the fence there, why and how to cross it, but he won't share that info with others.
    The ENTJ's multi-billion dollar company put the fence there, exclusively for a new spa-resort construction site.
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