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This is a discussion on The Tide of Humanity within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Conversations (usually) lead to understanding, consensus, and answers. When conversations turn into arguments, when you attack the other side instead ...

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    Conversations (usually) lead to understanding, consensus, and answers.

    When conversations turn into arguments, when you attack the other side instead of improving your idea with theirs, when the desire to win thus blinds you to your own imperfections.... Conflicts are renewed and deeper entrenched.

    90% of disagreements start from conflicting definitions of some abstract word/concepts ... and from there it only gets worse.

    What happens in the microcosm is bound to happen in the macrocosm.

    And personally, I think any discussion has to start on the psychological level and then build upwards. Just saying... all politics is local.
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    Also: "Ignorance is Bliss ...until it kills you."

    My version of the quote.

    I like the:

    "Knowledge is Power,
    Power is Justice,
    Justice is Peace."

    Just have to be sure that knowledge is distributed correctly as to not let power corrupt in the process.

    I have my own theories on all of this, but it'll take some time to write it all out.

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    Governments and culture are as integral to human society as languages - of course, it does help there's a connection between them. The point is you're acting like it's a recent problem, or that the closed loop between individuals/people can be solved so we as a species can move on to a utopia where the sun always shines and everyone's happy.

    Technology changes things, yes. Do you think any other culture with the same level of technology as the US is going to be any less inert? It's easier to riot in the streets when you live in a slum with no power and not enough money to pay for more than a day's food.

    As for your thoughts on people changing the system - there are norms in every culture, and culture will continue to shape the people of whichever society it inhabits. Sure a few oddballs can step in and shake up the system. You seem to fancy yourself as one, RogueWave. Don't deny it, that's what you want to be deep down inside. But then their values become the norm again, only this time the things those oddballs stood for become watered down and the cycle continues. Same re-wiring of human minds through social influence, except the social influence is wrapped in a different packet.

    Don't act like this is a problem exclusive to the US. Governments will always have corrupt politicians. The governments in such countries as Ukraine and Syria will give the US a run for their money any day. I could cite examples from the past too, such as the Roman Senate, but that may not be so important to the present. You get my point.

    Point is, this problem will never truly be solved. And besides, for all the wrong caused by governments and culture, they also do a lot of benefit as well. A government is essential for public order, defense, and can play a fiscal role in the economy when necessary. Culture is useful for uniting people, and think of all the special events in peoples' lives caused by culture. Birthdays, for example. Not that I see a need to participate in all that, but at least I understand the importance of culture.

    Can't say I agree with all this Fight Club stuff you just said. Funny thing about Fight Club - Tyler Durden is actually just as bad as the corporations he sought to destroy. Yes, Tyler is the villain of the movie.
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    The accompanying treatise isn't commendable yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNiS View Post
    The accompanying treatise isn't commendable yet.
    I'm going to assume you're referring to what I wrote last week. I didn't intend for it to be a treatise; it was a quick five-minute critique to RogueWave's big long nihilistic rant which was as straight to the point as I could get. And I'm not going to correct or add anything to it. I said all I have to say on the matter.

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    I have a similar attitude towards People VS Individuals. I have been told by many that I don't like people, and I suppose that's correct. I don't like people in general. I agree with you, mostly. They are loud, obnoxious, narcissistic, unintelligent sheep, ready to jump off a cliff if they see something shiny in the chasm below. Individuals however, are fascinating creatures. They are complex and unpredictable and remarkable, they have the potential to change the world in a way only they can. So I choose to believe in the Individuals, because I believe they are out there, too.
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    Is there a tl;dr version of this? I got like... things to do. And stuff.

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    OP, you nailed it.

    My favorite part of the whole thing:

    "The way we elect leaders is like picking apples from one big barrel. We keep getting a bad one each time, but we never consider that the whole barrel is rotten and we should take a chance and pick one from the tree. Picking one from the tree is a dangerous, scary, difficult task, and we’re lazy, so that’s a no-go on that one."

    I don't know if you've ever read Rousseau before, but you basically reiterated his entire discourse on the arts and sciences in one post. Much respect :)

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