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This is a discussion on The Tide of Humanity within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Can someone summarize the ten page essay into a five-sentence paragraph? People are people, and they do things according to ...

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    Can someone summarize the ten page essay into a five-sentence paragraph?

    People are people, and they do things according to their values. These values can be influenced by society, though mostly come from the inside. People are free to choose what they want, which means there is free-will. Technology is an extension of that free-will, and individuals decide how they want to use it. Finally, there are no "lazy" Americans, only individuals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeedsNewNameNow View Post
    complacency = only so many hours in the day to get things done as it is.

    History shows then when people are truly unhappy with a system, they will toss it aside. US in 1776, Russia in 1917, and again 1991. Egypt in the last couple years.. Right now Americans aren't unhappy enough with the system.

    But revolutions never live up to their promise. The same breeds of leaders still manipulate the same types of people who follow them like sheep. They just use different language to convince us they aren't like the old guard. And there will still be activists convinced that this sucks, we need to change it, why can't people see that?? etc.. Governments change, but human nature doesn't.
    I think he summed it up pretty nicely. You may change the environment that human nature acts in, but you will never change human nature itself.

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    "It’s so arrogant the way we live our lives. We’re constantly right on the edge of existence and nothing and we live in total disrespect of that.. There are people in other parts of the world, like Africa or Afghanistan, those people, they know, because they live on that edge and they lose people every day. They die in a war or from a disease.. and we think we’re the ones, that this is the important place, like we live in the center of the god damn universe." - Louis CK
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    There's too many delusional primates "progressing"...rats have panic attacks in similar situations. Quick remedy , stop breeding or limit to one off-spring.

    Nice post.

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    This article is worth its weight in gold.

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    Great post !

    I have the idea that people have always been this way. It's always been the few persons who have their heads outside the box that make changes, revolutions, challenge ideas ect, then the rest follow.

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    Thank you so much for that man.

    I truly hate the collective people as well. A lot of what you said I genuinely empathize with, and the behavior of the collective people just disgusts me. I hate how corrupt our society is. I feel like throwing up every day because I'm wearing clothes that I didn't make. I'm existing only because so many others are suffering, and everyone is so disgustingly ignorant to this all. We have MONEY for Christ's sake. Our right to eat, be warm, and be happy is decided upon how much colored paper we have.

    If you rebel against this system, you become homeless, and thus, less of a person by society's standards. A nobody. Just like every other sufferer in the entire world. You become a sufferer so that society can continue to exist happily atop a pile of bones from all those that are dying for it.

    Maybe I'm crazy for just spouting all of this. But oh God thank you. Someone to relate to.

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    Were Fuked Dudes....

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    Have you seen the venus project?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post

    I hate people (the collective) I despise them with a passion. I hate looking at them. I hate smelling them. I hate being around them. They’re loud. They’re moronic. They make -no sense- nonesofuckingever. They’re hideous in every single conceivable way and if I never dealt with them again, that would be just peachy fucking keen.

    But at the same time I love persons (the singular/individuals). Individuals one-on-one are different entities than that monster People. But I know, much to my own frustration, that they’re two sides of the same thing. Individuals and People have a push-pull effect on one another. Individuals spur on the development of People, and People provide solidarity for the Individual.
    I agree with you here, even though I think the overall article was too USA-is-the-problem-with-everything centric.

    I have said for a long time that I am not a humanitarian. To be one would imply than I think humanity is good. It isn't. Most people are scumbags (only interested in acquisition of things and seeking short-term pleasure) or tyrrants at heart (intense but hidden desire to exert control over others).

    I am not a people person. I am a people person. I adore certain individuals one on one and believe in the power of the individual over the collective.
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