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This is a discussion on The Tide of Humanity within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; [QUOTE=afriskykiwi;4138506]one term government? what do you mean? the fact that a bunch of people got voted out of office in ...

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    [QUOTE=afriskykiwi;4138506]one term government? what do you mean? the fact that a bunch of people got voted out of office in the senate and the house? I know that bot presidents (obama and bush) have had 2 term elections and obama has not changed a thing from the bush administration.

    Govenor only. The Senate and House run things - and seldom change. The power brokers never change and they own the Senate and House.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afriskykiwi View Post
    one term government? what do you mean? the fact that a bunch of people got voted out of office in the senate and the house? I know that bot presidents (obama and bush) have had 2 term elections and obama has not changed a thing from the bush administration.

    ok i gotcha now. i thought it was much bigger than what you proposed.

    Govenor only. The Senate and House run things - and seldom change. The power brokers never change and they own the Senate and House.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afriskykiwi View Post
    one term government? what do you mean? the fact that a bunch of people got voted out of office in the senate and the house? I know that bot presidents (obama and bush) have had 2 term elections and obama has not changed a thing from the bush administration.

    ok i gotcha now. i thought it was much bigger than what you proposed.

    Govenor only. The Senate and House run things - and seldom change. The power brokers never change and they own the Senate and House.

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    Ascendants, I believe they would be called.

    Reaching the epitome of comprehension at the null point where the flux cross, and potential is at its proverbial maximum, you get to grips with the scalar of it all.

    There's two stances on this. In the nexus, or aside it. A heightened plane of existence is in reach, and having felt it you come to realize we were never meant for such grandeur. Not in this state of consciousness at least. Momentary lapses of phase physically burns you out. Your mortal body incapable of sustaining the torrent of energy and clarity.

    I enjoy dabbling on the edge. Perhaps that's inductive of my archetype. Knowing your limits, but that humanity in us all act as a child. Often distracted and un-attentive to the ramifications.

    There are four kinds of people. The seeker. The traveler. The facilitator. The pretender.

    To which do you adhere, child.

    Functionality of written words fall far short from here. That which cannot be commanded into coherency, and cannot be conveyed by notion. you pass through and unto tier after tier. Plateau beyond functional arithmetic.

    Can you imagine?

    Ascendants. They're all around us, and only a veil apart.
    Follow your heart, and you will never be far behind.

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    People are amazing. They build pyramids, skyscrapers, governments, societies, corporations, organizations that help the needy, etc. I mean, the list just goes on and on. Not only that, scientists are more and more collaborating to discover new things and get things done. I don't know how you could possibly hate people. People are the reason for your food, your clothing, your shelter, and your education. What kind of person hates people, hates community, hates collectives? I like individuals but even I understand that one person can never be as intelligent, as powerful, and as constructive as people as whole can. Go read The Wisdom of Crowds, man. Maybe, you will learn something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    If anyone is familiar with them at all, most people probably consider the band MGMT a one-hit-wonder with their 2008 song Electric Feel (and that’s okay, because it’s a really fucking good song).
    Thank you for the recommendation.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    They also have lots of other good fucking songs and have a cult following among stoners, 21st century hippies, hipsters, and people with a good taste in music. But what I think many people miss is that the duo’s songs often contain a critique of their generation (also my generation and that of the bulk of PerC’s users) concealed in a cloak of trippy psychedelic imagery.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    In one of their songs they modified Timothy Leary’s 60’s counterculture phrase “Turn on, tune in, and drop out” to fit the American mainstream youth of today with “Turn it on, tune it in, and stay inert.”
    I don't think that we can demonize/ridicule "digital revolution" like that. In my honest opinion, Timothy Leary is quite pleased with internet and it's wonders while looking down and watching us. He dedicated his entire life for discoveries of personal development and communication opportunities beyond physical world and cultural barriers. We have our own problems with "digital revolution" for sure, just like the problems of "60’s counterculture phrase".

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    Their inclusion of the “it” is really an interesting and understatedly clever bit of writing. There’s very little doubt in my mind this refers to my generation’s obsession with technology. And by Leary’s own prediction, technology is the LSD of the 2000s We are electronic Lotus-Eaters, numbed out and insulated from reality and the state of the world.
    Not really... I mean, I'm a big fan of cyberpunk genre. The thing is, we didn't arrive there... Yet. By the way, the real world is touching us faster and much more vividly than our grandparents. We are not limited by our own "high" minds or the participation to whatever (naturally isolated) social circle. Everything is interacting with each other and reachable. Everybody can create something and also consume another thing at the same time.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    Americans have essentially become lazy. As a whole we fear being inconvenienced. We like our TV. We like our smarthphone. We like our infrastructure. We like all the meaningless bullshit we use to bury our heads in the sand (aka turn it on, tune it in, and stay inert.)
    I don't think so... Americans are "different" with their awkward individualism and that legendary culture of convenience for sure... But... Almost 1/3 of the entire world is completely "americanized" and 2/3 of the people are (somewhat) trying to live their lives according to the values of western culture. Right now, "the world" is lazy because of our (relatively) improved standard of living. It's better and you are not aware of the improvement as someone who born in the last days of 20th century. You simply can't. If you are worrying about "consuming too many calories", instead of "suffering from malnutrition just like your grandparents" that means it's working as expected. I don't think anybody "like" their TV anymore. The majority of the people prefer to watch only the favorite/interesting parts of those TV shows from the internet. You can interpret that "negatively" as a sign of the convenience frenzy. I, for one, believe that kind of "interactive" convenience is better than the old one. I don't have a smartphone but it's "a goddamn miracle" from the heavenly skies: Carrying a real-time GPS map in your pocket. It's also saving lives and let you talk with your loved ones under the screwed up conditions. Loving your infrastructure is necessary, nobody want's to read something important under the candle light or take a shower under the stream of sewage in the early morning. Those things are not meaningless bullshit. If they suddenly fail, you will truly understand "their meaning". I'm old enough to remember the pre-smartphone/internet era from my high school days. Living without those things are still possible yet not "easier" or "spiritually enlightening" as you want to believe.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    Laziness breeds complacency, and complacency makes one vulnerable to the slow, silent, dagger of creeping normalcy. For the past few days I’ve been talking to my friend about the direction that the US is moving in, the creation of an Orwellian state ruled by martial law, and conspiracy theories related to UN Agenda 21. This future is descending upon us largely via creeping normalcy, and few but the most perceptive are privy to it due to complacency being the norm.
    Well... That's nothing "new"... Good news! It's never going to be harsh and absolute as you fear... Bad news! You are probably right about that "nobody going to feel any difference" from their personal standpoint... Good news again! None of those "shady" crap is perfect because there are still so many ridiculous problems (plus, the manufactured ones) with infinite unpredictable variables.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    The question becomes “What are the American people going to do about it?” Well, the answer is not much. Not for awhile anyway. The solutions to problems arising from a broken/corrupt government are protest and revolution. Americans haven’t very big on either of those lately.
    "Protesting" is a political instrument and invented by the powers that be. You will make noise for a relief and that's not going to change anything but your mindset for couple of days, maybe weeks. It's just an illusion. Ironically, a legal one.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    Remember Americans have become lazy, and don’t want to become inconvenienced. This is reflected in their attitudes towards protest and revolution.
    I don't think so... So many things practiced against "the basic/survival convenience" of american people and they didn't protest anything as you expected. Are you sure if they are avoiding that just because they are obsessed with their "convenience"?

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    The latest rounds of American protest have centered around the concept of “creating awareness.” “Creating awareness” can be better described as an excuse for half-assed activism. These movements, like Occupy Wallstreet, consist of loosely affiliated cells, under a very loose (essentially non-existent) mission statement/list of demands, with no solid leadership. This way, their opposition will find it difficult to disband them (it also makes it difficult for the protest movement to actually do anything) Basically, the effect they’re trying to create is an IRL version of Anonymous. But, Anonymous manages to get shit done because it still has teeth. They fuck shit up (although Anonymous’ effectiveness is certainly debatable as well).
    "Creating" awareness is problematic. People can be properly agitated, only if the issue is related with their personal position and identity. You can't kick their butts, indoctrinate them... And... Also expect them to carry and sustain that third party/artificial "consciousness". People don't need any "wake up calls" and they will genuinely rise against the powers that be, when they naturally "can" and "should". Real masses are "made of" individuals who are suffering from the same thing, not "made by" agent provocateurs. Contrary to popular belief, collectivism is not a political movement. It's a natural structure and manifest itself with chaotic events.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    Occupy and movements like it, have no teeth. This is because a protest movement’s teeth are its leadership, mission statement, and organization. Occupy was 0 for 3. And they avoided them because those things are difficult, boring, and require someone with a vision. They wanted to jump right into the glamourous and sexy aspects of it, like showdowns with riot squads and being on tv. Although, they will claim, as they always have, their goal was to “create awareness” *air jerk motion*.
    Seriously... Are there still people who believe the Occupy movement or trust Anonymous? It's worse than air jerk motion and you have no idea. I know who's their daddy and he "don't know" who's paying for diapers... Move on folks! There's nothing to see here.

    Don't be naive, everything is under control... Including the part that you perceive as "out of control".

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    Contrast this with the American Civil Rights Movement. It was an effective protest movement. It brought forth the change it set out to. It had a list of demands. It had an internal bureaucracy. It made organized use of people and resources through careful logistical planning. And perhaps most importantly, it had a definitive leader with a strong sense of vision. And we all know what happened to him. But he knew the risk and rose to occasion anyway. Presently, we don’t have this sort of person (people) in America to lead a movement like that. Remember, Americans have become lazy, they don’t want to be inconvenienced, and becoming a target is as inconvenient as it gets.
    I have to say that your beliefs are based on simplifications. "They are not supporting something and ironically it was for their own benefit... Why? Oh, they must be nothing but lazy conformists." Did you ever consider the possibility of fear and lesser evilism?

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    To backtrack a little, I mentioned that revolution was the other, equally unpopular, solution. This is the sort of scenario in which an IRL-Anonymous-like organization could possibly prove effective. Loosely affiliated cells only have teeth when they’re paramilitary/violent in nature. Basically, Occupy’s organizational structure is better suited for a sort of rebel insurgency than a protest movement.
    (Un)fortunately... You don't know what you are talking about.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    But why won’t Americans go for something like this in order to prevent or rise against a Police State? It’s inconvenient. An armed revolution would constitute a major disruption in infrastructure and quality of life. You can’t watch The Big Bang Theory and microwave a hotpocket if you have no power, are huddled in a burnt-out building, clutching an AK-47 waiting to ambush a National Guard patrol.
    "A major disruption in infrastructure and quality of life..." Wow! Such an optimist. "You can’t watch The Big Bang Theory and microwave a hotpocket if you have no power..." That would be a huge success of revolutionary movement. Igniting a civil war with countless deaths, providing free torture and rape for decades... Why? Sabotaging a mediocre TV show! Because it was making us stupid just like every other "pleasing and safe" bullshit.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    This does not mean that Americans don’t want see the direction of their nation change. Many do. However, most of them still naively hold onto the idea that they can alter that direction through their voting habits. But it’s becoming more apparent all the time that we cannot.
    Many do and they are still enjoying that nonsense, instead of killing each other in a civil war? Now, that's interesting... Oh, you already explained why, right? They must be lazy.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    The way we elect leaders is like picking apples from one big barrel. We keep getting a bad one each time, but we never consider that the whole barrel is rotten and we should take a chance and pick one from the tree. Picking one from the tree is a dangerous, scary, difficult task, and we’re lazy, so that’s a no-go on that one.
    People avoid from "dangerous" acts because they want to live, not because they are lazy.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    The “barrel” is the highly insular world of American politics. And shockingly, this world produces politicians, not leaders. This insular world has a very specific set of parameters for who “makes it” within itself. As a result, the people that “make it” or all pretty much the fucking same. Regardless of the party, they all push one side or the other of these false dichotomies that mostly serve to distract from deeper issues while they cater to the special interests that support them.
    The "barrel" is the nature of power. You don't like "politicians" and I can't blame you but trust me you will hate "leaders". They are capable just like politicians and also untouchable "beyond your wildest dreams". Ruling should be a job, not the lifestyle of whatever holy figure. I know you want to believe it's going to be so different and stuff because "you are already aware of all those risks" yet you are not the first one who fooled like that. History is full of "leaders" that you can trust, all of them raised in the middle of corruption. Hitler "was" better than Weimar government, Stalin "supposed to be" better than Tsar and so on.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    “Going to the tree” would mean voting for someone far outside the aforementioned system. This is scary. This person is unfamiliar. They say weird shit. They don’t have a “proven track record’, the standard for which we’ve accepted from that flawed mainstream system. So we don’t vote for them. And even if we do come close to “going to the tree” the media will be damn sure to force-feed us two of the bad apples from that ancient barrel.
    I wish it was simply "scary". It's meaningless. You can practically vote for Mickey Mouse, it's legal.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    “Early in this rant I said that Americans won’t do anything, not for awhile anyway to stave off an Orwellian fate. Because they will eventually. I know they will. They cannot not. This is going to get into my own, warped, self-contradictory view on humanity.
    No need to be pessimistic... There will be phases and stepping stones as always. Everything will be worse. Then, change and relatively improve and so on... Over and over again. Our generation is not "blessed" or "doomed" more than any other generation.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    “I hate people (the collective) I despise them with a passion. I hate looking at them. I hate smelling them. I hate being around them. They’re loud. They’re moronic. They make -no sense- nonesofuckingever. They’re hideous in every single conceivable way and if I never dealt with them again, that would be just peachy fucking keen.
    Maybe it's because you are hating them? It's hard to convince people while also ridiculing them with hatred.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    “But at the same time I love persons (the singular/individuals). Individuals one-on-one are different entities than that monster People. But I know, much to my own frustration, that they’re two sides of the same thing. Individuals and People have a push-pull effect on one another. Individuals spur on the development of People, and People provide solidarity for the Individual.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    These specific individuals are the generators of ideas. Most people aren’t these people, most make-up what I call “the tide of humanity” a big mass that just sloshes from one prevailing notion to the other.
    More "individuals" are capable of interacting with each other and reaching information easier than always thanks to our current state with consumerism... Well... Maybe you should question your dystopian dualism.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    These rare people are world’s artists, scientists, philosophers, poets, authors, and musicians. Ideas are powerful and therefore so too are those who craft them. They have the ability to alter that malleable, Matrix-like, complex system known as culture. Those in the seat of power have always known this. This is why throughout history they have either recruited the generators of ideas to their cause, or eliminated them.
    I think "ideas" are overrated. Ideas are bulletproof but people are not even bullet resistant. By the way, the currency may vary but everyone has a price.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueWave View Post
    But the other special part about the Individual-People relationship, is that the Individual will not allow People to be oppressed forever. Basically, someone always comes along who has the clarity of vision and the tenacity to push on the status quo. Someone who’s going to turn it off, tune it out, and get their shit in gear. These individuals have yet to step forth from the tide of humanity on these issues, but I am confident that they’re out there.
    Nobody, (including you) can't have a "truly" clear vision because of this:

    Nice article... I was just thinking aloud, no offence.
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    I know the post mostly speaks of America but I have the same sentiments for my country as well. I'm from a third-world country that doesn't seem to progress for decades now. We have a very corrupt government which is, by far, worse than America. It's actually the sole reason why we can't leap forward. But there’s also a fault in our part as we keep putting these incompetent people in position. But what saddens me is that everyone here is well aware about the fact that our government system sucks yet doesn't really do anything to stop it. Sure, we'll have protests here and there, but we just have so many of them all year round and it doesn't solve anything, really. However, the thing that infuriates me the most is that people don't get mad enough. If they do, it's just for a short period of time. So theses crocodiles running the government don't take these rallies seriously because they know the fire will burn out quickly. I hate it! I absolutely hate it! Just recently, the whole country found out that that billions of the taxes we pay were stolen from us by a network of elites (politicians, mostly). Billions!! It could have fed thousands of families, it could have been used to buy books for schools that don't have enough of it, it could have been used to build roads on rural places without any access of transportation, I could go on…
    But this isn't new in our place, our country leaks of corruption, from the smallest sector to the government itself. I know for certain this isn't the biggest scam; it's just a part of a bigger web. But this news just confirmed a lot of things and it's big enough to create a movement. Sadly, our justice system is taking too long (but perhaps scared) to put all the offenders behind bars. And the country is moving on again, like nothing happened.

    When you of think of all these and the impact it left to the whole nation, it would make any one angry. Slowly, it's being forgotten here (thanks to media who diverts people's attention from the real thing). All I ask for my countrymen is to be mad--and hold it. I know anger and violence wouldn't solve anything, and I'm not suggesting anything 'bloody' to happen. But have the peaceful protests helped the country? No. I sometimes wish we would boycott paying taxes, but that would bring too much implication. But I guess all I'm trying to say is that people should know they have the right to get angry. After all, passion is the fuel that sets the fire ablaze. If we shrug it off of our shoulders again, we will never prosper. Because of this, governments all over the world are laughing at us because we cannot stick to what we're fighting for for long.

    Having said all that, I am not pessimistic towards my country for it is a reality that it is in dire state. It has been in that situation for many years. People who will tell me otherwise are being naive, or one of the bourgeois who lived a life far from the slums and poverty, or you're not from here. I'm just seeing this in a bigger context. I am concerned for my fellow countrymen and it aches my heart justice is not being served right. But more so, those people who have stepped on our rights don't seem to feel any guilt whatsoever.

    I apologize if I sound angry in this post, but I probably am. People's stomachs are rumbling yet no one is still paying the price!

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    As a Dutch I'd like to point out we have a somewhat similar trend going on here. For example we hire a lot of Polish workers because not only they are cheaper, they actually work harder. Even the Polish students of around 20 years old can lay a floor in your house for as low as ~8 euro per hour where an educated worker would cost about 3 times as much if not more.

    And it's not just that, the laziness has gone to a point of complete retardedness, where Polish workers were scolded for bad behavior and stealing. That b.s. is coming from people who are voting for some nasty political party, I bet just like the Teaparty over there in the U.S. They're people losing their brainpower and physique that's needed for working and have gone to the low point of needing calculators for everything and so now even blaming others for their own lack of intellectual and physical growth.

    Let me tell you something what I believe. I believe the US is done for. I believe our climate is done for. I believe China is our next top economy. Do you know how hard those people work there? Studying 10-12 hours per day easily.

    But I dearly hope we'll start eliminating borders and get a unified world so we can actually fix things. We'll probably realize that within now and a few hundred years.

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    I agree with you wholeheartedly. The alarm has rung and now we wait to see if humanity wakes up or hits the snooze button ignores everything and goes back to sleep. In case you have not read this book yet you should take a look at

    Revolutionary Suicide


    Revolutionary Suicide is an autobiography written by Huey P. Newton, co-founder and leader of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. The book influenced Jim Jones.

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