Enneagram Types of Contemporary Countries

Enneagram Types of Contemporary Countries

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    Enneagram Types of Contemporary Countries

    "People often ask if countries have a particular personality type. (In a similar vein, they ask if companies and organizations have a specific personality style—and if religions do as well.)

    ... countries do seem to have a dominant personality type (or perhaps more appropriately, style), although we have observed that, in any country at a given time, three dominant types seem to be the main components of the "national character." These three dominant types not only color the personality of the country as a whole, they also change from historical era to historical era. For example, we think that the United States in 2003 is culturally predominantly a Three, Six, and Seven country. This means that we see the Three's drive for success, fame, status, narcissism, and concern for their career and image are major themes in the current American character. This is joined by the Seven's love of the new and immediate, their high energy, love of change and variety, and insatiable consumerism. Added to these two threads are the Six's traditionalism, conservatism, respect for law, authority and institutions, "family values," and apprehensiveness about the future. These three types (seen metaphorically and psychologically) are the three uppermost elements in the American psyche at this time.

    The following assignment of three personality styles in the national character of several countries is, of course, an educated guess until appropriate empirical research can be done."

    The Personality Types (Styles) of Contemporary Countries

    England Types One, Five, and Six
    United States Types Three, Six, and Seven
    France Types Three, Four, and Seven
    China Types Three, Eight, and Nine
    Japan Types Six, Four, and Five
    Germany Types Six, Five, and Eight
    Russia Types Six, Eight, and Four
    Italy Types Eight, Two, and Seven
    (Source: Don Riso and Russ Hudson)

    These types were hypothesized in 2003. Do you agree with these types today? What types would you give other nations? Discuss!
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    I know for a fact Canada is 9.
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    Many things make up America, MBTI types, Eannegram, Culture, Beliefs and more. Trying to fit the major themes into Eannegram types is like trying to take a solution and put it into one ingredient category for each solution. Many factors play into America's major personalities or any other country. And I could argue that type 6 for America's personality is actually ISTJ if I went to MBTI and used the same description for them. So I am not trying to start a debate (I hate debates lol) just pointing it out that many things affect the overall picture.
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    Sweden: 4, 6, 9

    Sweden actually is so 4-like in identity it's not even funny.
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    Japan 1w9 so/sp

    And I am pretty sure the US has a 4 in her Tri-type. Hello?? Hollywood? Lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Romantic View Post
    I know for a fact Canada is 9.
    Yup, as a whole, Canada is definitely a 9. With tritype I'd say Canada is a 9-2-5. Although I think it varies by province too...Quebec seems very 4ish. I'd say Alberta, where I live, is 3 or 8.
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    They got America spot-on. Maybe not everybody is like that but those are the types we are bred to act like. Those are the types that are considered "healthy".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotan View Post
    Yup, as a whole, Canada is definitely a 9. With tritype I'd say Canada is a 9-2-5. Although I think it varies by province too...Quebec seems very 4ish. I'd say Alberta, where I live, is 3 or 8.
    I'm not sure how accurate it is to type a whole country or provinces and if we fall into stereotypes by doing so... but I can definetly agree with the typing of Canada, Quebec and Alberta you did...
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    Not sure I agree with this. My boyfriend is Japanese and I have had several Japanese friends. And they all have a STRONG 1. This attributes to getting into elite schools and always expecting the best from their work and from their social behavior.

    Also while I am an Amerian 7. I am never up on the latest trends and I detest consumerism. My family is always trying to get me to buy new clothes. HOWEVER, I jump job to job, changed my major in college seven times, colleges three, grad schools twice and have never lived anywhere longer than three years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by All in Twilight View Post
    Japan 1w9 so/sp

    And I am pretty sure the US has a 4 in her Tri-type. Hello?? Hollywood? Lol.
    Yes Japan is so a 1w9! Interestingly that is my Japanese boyfriends type.
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