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This is a discussion on MBTI and Social Media within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; I wish there was an Instagram option...

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    I wish there was an Instagram option

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    The only social media accounts that I have are Youtube, PSN and messenger for phone. So that's 3. Unless you're counting this site?

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    I have facebook, tumblr, twitter, youtube, instagram, kik messenger, and this website if that counts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBTI Enthusiast View Post
    I found this new article describing the correlations and statistics of MBTI types and social media networks. It's a very thorough and interesting report. I hope you enjoy reading it, too!


    "Use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has grown steadily in recent years. Today, according to a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project (Smith, 2011), 66% of online adults use social media platforms. One might wonder what factors influence whether and how people in the United States use social media. Specifically, does personality type, as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI®) assessment, play a role?

    The data presented in this report come from a study on MBTI type and social media use conducted by CPP, Inc., in 2011. The study respondents consisted of a sample of 1,784 men and women across the United States who had taken the MBTI assessment and agreed to participate in research conducted by CPP. The results of this study indicated that personality type does matter, but only in some areas. In regard to views on social media in general, many of the differences revealed were between Extraverted and Introverted types, although there were also some whole type differences.

    While there are some consistent differences in the trends across the three social media providers examined, it is clear that people of all types make use of social media to some degree, and that MBTI preferences do not account for major differences in the reported use of social media."

    Read the report

    I have youtube, every chat site you can think of, I have old facebook accounts I barely use, I love twitter, I dont use linked, I have tumblr I rarely use, I have a pininterest. Facebook is designed for superficial idiots and that why I dont really use it anymore. I so sick of going on to be chewed out by freinds and family members who want to be little jerks online to look cool to other people. I am not one for petty BS. I dont understand how anyone can use facebook. My current FB has been cutdown to like 2 freinds.
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    I have Pinterest, Snapchat and Skype. I don't ever want an Instagram or Facebook...I don't like the whole 'likes' based system they have.

    I used to have Google+ and Deviantart, but deleted them. I get bored of social media quite easily and I kinda enjoy spontaneously deleting my accounts once they've lost their shine...it makes me feel lighter.

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    I am everywhere, but don't use all of my accounts. I use my Facebook most of the time, because of my friends. Then Instagram and TUMBLR. Sometimes Twitter and Snapchat. Then there are other sites, like Pinterest and stuff, but I don't use them. :D

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    I use a Facebook account under a pseudonym and refrain from posting personally-identifying information. I'd be curious to see statistics on similar behaviors/uses, and how it relates to different MBTI types.

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    All intuitive types and ESF_ I think use social media the most. Intuitive types use it mostly to express a crazy new thought that popped into their head they want to share with all their closest people. ESF_ use it mostly for catching up on everyone, and posting whatever random crap is happening at the current moment.

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    I'm an MBTI, I used to use a lot of anonymous apps, but they are shutting down now, like Yik Yak and Secret. So I recently started using this app called Noq.

    Name is pretty funny, it's kinda weird and fun at the same time. I think it's called the noq in the app store, only for iOS which kinda sucks though. It's a social network, where (GET THIS) you can only share live photos and videos when a friend anonymously asks you to update. So now I can secretly see what all my friends are up too, haha. Figured you all might be interested too!
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