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The Enneagram: Myths vs. Facts

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This is a discussion on The Enneagram: Myths vs. Facts within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Originally Posted by 13 others Fact: I somewhat fit the myth of E9 -_- Then that means you are a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13 others View Post
    Fact: I somewhat fit the myth of E9 -_-
    Then that means you are a professional at relaxing! Welcome!
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    Loved this, thanks for sharing.

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    It is very true that we humans attempt to categorize random information quickly, for later quick retrieval. Also, that we tend to be narrow in our scope of understanding of each type and their variations. Further, that our quick storage and retrieval devise can lead to bias views of other types, which at first glance appears superficial in nature. It is in the discovery of ourselves, not the contributions of others, that we find our essence. Truly examining and accepting one's temperament is the key to unlocking the bias of others. Physician heal thyself first.
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    advice well recieved.
    the next time i see one i will be remember the points

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    @MBTI Enthusiast

    Amazing thread, thank you for putting it together. I'm trying to help a person find their type in another forum but reasoning with the it's hard. They admit they've been wrong many times and still aren't sure, all the while using superficial traits to relate to this or that type (and only positive ones, too ).

    I'll send them this link, maybe your words will speak to them more than mine
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    ‘Fours are dominated by their feelings and can't be counted upon.’ Hilarious.

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    To me, all of these myths are stereotypes and very very real in most cases. They indeed are true for a lot of people. The things you call facts are stated more properly as possible mature expressions of the type, but, since they are only possible and not certain that is like saying my 6 sided die MIGHT roll a 2. Who cares ... you just said nothing.

    In over 90% of cases out there the myth side of your post is more true of a person of that type than the stereotype, excepting only the fairly ridiculous 4s can't be trusted thing. That one is like, wtf? I would say instead: 4s are expressive and jealous of interesting things in others arousing shame in them. As such they try to out-express or shine too much.

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