MBTI Types on Vacation!

MBTI Types on Vacation!

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    MBTI Types on Vacation!

    I found a really neat article about how different MBTI types experience vacationing. Since it's summertime, AKA the best time for vacations, I decided to share it all with you! What's your vacation style?

    • Nobody loves vacations more than Perceiving types. “My husband and I are both Ps,” says Gloria, “Whenever marital tensions start building, we know that getting-away is a sure-fire cure. We rent a house in beautiful natural setting, and although we still have to make meals and do dishes, we always have fun.”
    • But Perceiving types don’t like to be boxed in. “My favorite vacations are when we wander off the beaten path and discover something unexpected – a quirky restaurant, a hidden waterfall, or a conversation with a local fisherman,” says Elizabeth, ESFP, “I think being part of a tour group on a set route and schedule would get old fast.” Helen, INFP, echoes this: “I like to move from place to place, exploring. Heaven for me is waking up each morning and deciding what we want to do over breakfast. Staying a week at a family resort with three meals a day and structured activities is not for me.”
    • Judging types, on the other hand, can only relax if there’s structure. “My best family vacations have been at family resorts – a nature retreat in Georgia and a family camp in Minnesota,” says, Kate, ENTJ, “I love having set meals and a schedule of interesting activities we can sign up for. At work and at home, I’m the one who is making the plan and the structure. It’s a real vacation to have someone else doing that for me.”
    • J types do a lot of planning up front. “I need to set the plan for the week right away,” says, Lizzy, ESFJ, “I like to know on Monday we’re laying out by the pool, on Tuesday we’re renting a boat, on Wed. we’re going on an site-seeing excursion.” Kate, ENTJ, says, “I have a game plan already set up before I leave, what sites we’re going to see, tickets to events purchased. To me it’s a chore and I don’t want to waste my vacation time doing it.”
    • For some J types, the work of vacation almost outweighs the benefit. “I have a long list of to-dos before I go – packing, canceling the mail, making arrangements for the dog. Going on vacation seems like just another project I’m working on,” says, Kate, ENTJ, “Then coming back is hard. Things pile up at work and at home. Sometimes I think maybe just taking a night off with friends or going to a seminar would be more fun and relaxing, because I wouldn’t have all the prep-time and make-up time.”
    • Both Introverted and Extraverted types savor exclusive family-time. Helen, INFP, says, “Vacations are a time for the immediate family to get closer; I have little interest in socializing with strangers.” Elizabeth, ESFP, says, “We all have such busy schedules, especially now that the kids are older, that being all together without outside distractions is a treasure. Yet after about a week, each of us starts missing our rich social life outside the family.”
    • However, Extraverts are more likely to invite along another family. “We love vacationing with another family. There’s more to do, the adults and kids both have companionship, and we get to see things through other people’s eyes,” says, Lizzy, ESFJ. Nicole, an INFJ, a mother of an Extraverted only child, says, “We’ve tried having my daughter bring a friend on vacation so I’d feel less pressure to constantly interact with her. After a few days I was spending too much time refereeing the tensions between them. It wasn’t a perfect solution.”
    • Intuitive types like learning and novelty. “We love taking classes together at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico,” says, Nicole, INFJ. “Our favorite vacation is Cornell University’s Family Camp. Nothing is more fun than learning something new,” says, Maria, INTJ. “It has to be different every year for me,” says, Helen, INFP, “It’s hard to go back to the same spot.” “While we were visiting Prague, my daughter wanted to go to the zoo, and I thought that is so boring - why spend our time going to a zoo when there are so many new and novel things to do here,” says, Kate, ENTJ, “But we went and surprisingly, the zoo turned out to be different than other zoos, so it was interesting.”
    • Sensing types like experiences and tradition (especially SJ types). “My favorite vacation was renting a house boat on the Mississippi River for a week: seeing sunsets, water skiing before breakfast, jumping off a cliff into the water,” says, Elizabeth, ESFP. “My husband is a Sensing type and he thinks vacations are about doing things, says Helen, INFP, “He doesn’t consider reading a book, doing something.” “My happiest memories are vacationing with my extended family in the same cottage on the same beach for the last 40 years,” says, Betsy, ISFJ, “I love the familiarity and reflecting on how this year is different from others.”
    • Feeling types consider everyone’s needs when planning a vacation. They try to make it a happy experience for everyone and creating happy memories is their goal. “I privately ask each child what’s their top 3 wishes for vacations, something they want to do, and I try to work them into the week,” says, Elizabeth, ESFP.
    • Everyone is happier when personality type knowledge is part of vacation planning. Helen, INFP, married to an ISTP, tells how she has used personality type knowledge to find a way to meet each of their needs on vacation: “My husband’s dream vacation is one sensation after another - volleyball, boom boxes, skeet ball, helicopter rides, and roller coasters. To me, those are just diversions from what’s most meaningful in life: time to reflect and build intimacy. My dream vacation is a quiet beach, a lovely setting, and a good book. The challenge is how to meet my need for peace and quiet and his need for action and variety. This year our goal is to take a week’s vacation visiting all the small amusement parks on the East Coast. He’ll love the days spent riding the rides with our son, and I’ll love the days in between traveling the beautiful countryside. Yesterday I overheard my husband telling my son, “At night, you and I will take special walks while mom reads her book.” To me, that feels like heaven.”

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    Even though I'm an INFP, I love to do a variety of things on vacation. Whether it be leaning more towards Sensing (Having fun, letting loose, enjoying the sights, sounds, food and being involved in crazy activities) or Intuiting (appreciating the beauty of a skyscraper among the night sky, staring at a sunset thinking about life, writing a poem) - no vacation is ever considered dull for me.
    Heck, sometimes I even like to plan out things, despite my Perceiving self. But of course, if I discover some random, exotic place that's off the trip plan - I'll be more than happy to explore it.

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    My wife's an INFP, son is an ISTP, and I'm an ENTP. What works best for our family vacation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MorningCalm View Post
    My wife's an INFP, son is an ISTP, and I'm an ENTP. What works best for our family vacation?
    Well, a lot of spontaneity for starters.
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    Personally, I like camping, but I hate doing it an designated sites for a predetermined period of time.
    My ideal camping trip is one where I can have one other person along, carry a backpack each and walk for days or weeks on end just to see where we end up and what we find.

    If I had to be holed up at a family resort or beach, I'd be awfully tempted to shoot myself (Disneyland is the ultimate nightmare for me). I also couldn't be on my ideal vacation, but with a complete moron with no appreciation for the experience.

    For the most part, I agree with your little chart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBTI Enthusiast View Post
    Well, a lot of spontaneity for starters.
    Yes, I suppose that's true. We do enjoy camping together. That's about the only thing we've found so far that really works for the three of us. My INFP wife and I enjoy cultural festivals but that doesn't work for my ISTP son. My wife and my son might enjoy the beach but not so much me. My son and I enjoy amusement parks but my wife can't stand them. Too noisy and scary for her.
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    Just got back from a weekend of camping, it was basically a non-stop weekend of cooking and hiking and swimming and being outdoors. There's that happy medium of "plannedness" where everything that happened was reasonable and efficient, but wasn't rushed, and there was time to explore and adventure and relax with friends and sit around and soak things in.

    I've typed myself as an INTJ, but I might be more of a SP type. :)
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    I'm a mixture of these things. My ideal vacation is S and E things with about even J and P, contrary to being INXP/INTX.

    If I'm not by myself in nature, I would love to be around people much more than I get to. I just find social interaction to be difficult and so don't have a lot of people to do things with. But of the times I've had the most fun in my life, most of them have been with other people.

    If I'm going on vacation or a trip I want to have a tentative plan and be able to fit in as many experiences as possible. I won't necessarily do all the things on my list, but I like to know I have the option. I would plan for at least 2 fun options at any given moment, and then just choose the things I felt like doing when the time came.

    I don't really get out and experience the world enough, so I'm always pushing myself to. Vacations are a good time to do that. I like seeing things, tasting things, going to museums, and physical activities like walking around a foreign city or hiking. My favorite thing is hiking and camping. I'm pretty sure I'm am N, but I always like to be physically active (when I'm not on the internet).

    I like to experience culture and learn new things, but I want to experience the "real" culture, not go on a tour. I like the idea of going to coffee shops with a friend and dancing at night clubs. I also really like going to the beach.

    I hate road trips because I hate being in vehicles for long periods of time. For me it's more about the destination than the journey because I don't want to wander around in uncultured places hoping something fun will happen. I want to do something I know I'll like.

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    Hmm, well, I can say that:

    Resorts = hell for me...same with cruises. I've never been one for extravagant surroundings or scheduled things. Plus it's all so...campy and pristine! I like a little roughness on my vacations.

    I usually have a plan, but it's more like a "waypoint" plan on a map. I don't plan the actual activities or even (depending on who I'm with) where we'll sleep beyond the first night (can always sleep in the car, and to my surprise, I find myself okay with that on vacation). I just try to make sure we get to X location on Y day so we have Z number of hours to do whatever we want in that location. Usually, I do a little research as far as things we can do, and then I decide what I feel like doing once I get there.

    However, if I'm travelling to a busy area (like a busy city) or an event or something where availability is limited, I will usually reserve that item ahead of time. Simply because it's hard to do a specific thing at the last minute, especially if it's in peak season (which is why I love to visit locations in the off-season. Not only do you get to skip the annoying tourists, but you usually meet travelers from other countries.) But if something happens and we don't make it to that event, I don't get too upset. It's no big deal...unless we put down money that we don't get back. Then it sucks.

    I've never liked road trips, simply because I get really bored sitting in a car. However, the idea of a road trip (the adventure part) sounds fun, but I know the reality is not fun. But camping is awesome. Anything that involves being outside or learning about nature will always get a thumbs up from me. Same with randomly wandering around cities and looking at things.

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    This seems right to me. I class as an INTJ, and my idea of a vacation has been to stay inside, and relax with a good book, or work on an idea. Long before I found out about MBTI, whenever my family went to amusement parks, or water parks, etc, I solicited to stay home and play a game, or read. If I had to go, I was satisfied with playing the games (got to get good at them) or ride the lazy-river all day and relax and think. I would go on the occasional ride, but I've always been the kind who, if I get the chance, would rather stay home. I've always weighed the stress and the issues with actually traveling on vacation as a cost, and it usually sways to the decision of staying home.

    Staying home requires no effort, it is structured, and I have everything here.
    Going on vacation means a lot of planning, a lot of stress, a lot of possible negatives that can occur.

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