AYYE, I got some art here. PLEASE CRITIQUE ME!!

AYYE, I got some art here. PLEASE CRITIQUE ME!!

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This is a discussion on AYYE, I got some art here. PLEASE CRITIQUE ME!! within the The Art Museum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Hey guiz! . So I'm studying anatomy and trying to get better at it. But I have no one to ...

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    AYYE, I got some art here. PLEASE CRITIQUE ME!!

    Hey guiz! . So I'm studying anatomy and trying to get better at it. But I have no one to give me critique, or any artistic input, so please. Somebody, ANYBODY. Give me feedback, positive and negative.

    Critique. How's my anatomy? I think somethings weird about the arm, I can't tell what...the Deltoid? However, his legs and arms will be covered when I clothe him, so I'm not sure if it will matter. Most of his torso will also be covered. If anyone was wondering, this will end up being Shinnok from Mortal Kombat X.

    I'm really pushing to bring more life into my drawings, to make it more real and alive. In the past my humans have the tendency to look a bit stiff, and I'm desperately trying to shake that habit. So with this drawing I am practicing body anatomy, natural poses. I also tried something new with the gesture, but that's not really present here so maybe it's not relevant. Any tips, advice, anything you can show me to help me bring more life to drawing will be greatly appreciated.

    This is just the basic outline, I haven't done the hands or face yet...or really anything for that matter. I know it's hard to critique an outline, but I mainly just want an anatomy check before I move on. What do you think?

    (Don't mind the huge watermark, that's just there so no one steals my work)


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    Honestly, I can't really see anything wrong with it, especially considering it's only an outline and hasn't been fleshed out with clothing or added features. Also, it really depends on your style. Your style being your individual drawing style and what you're aiming to achieve with your drawing Shinnok. Like if you were drawing a very specific style of anime, like Chibi for example, I would already anticipate the head to be bigger than a normal person's head and the body to be small in comparison but still in proportion.

    Considering what you're going for, a proportionate humanoid character from Mortal Kombat, you're right on the money. Nothing stands out to me as glaringly odd or fixable. Well done :)

    I might perhaps make his upper torso wider, but then when I look at Shinnok, it really only seems to be his clothing which accentuates the width of his upper-torso and makes his waist look small by comparison. Looks fine to me :p

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    It's a very good start, I don't see any extreme flaws with this piece- when you're done with this piece, I think it will be much more suitable for critique-

    I think its a very well done draft. The anatomy is good, and the figure doesn't look stiff, however, I have some problems with the piece as well.

    - The crotch area is a little far up, realistically, it would be a little lower down.

    -Since the crotch is far up, the torso area is shorter, this is causing an anatomical imbalance; the torso is very short, the butt is too high up, and the legs are much longer than the upper body. Try fixing your torso and crotch area.

    - It looks like the figure is about to tip, the weight of the figure is imbalanced. He's curving his back very far, but his stomach isn't popping out, nor are his buttocks following the same line of pattern. When your back is curved very far, your stomach pops out a little bit right? Your character is curving his back, but his stomach is impossibly flat, and his butt is impossibly straight.

    -The imbalance is also causing the legs to go too forward, his stance is kind of- difficult to reenact. The arms are also very imbalanced; the upper arm muscles are disproportionate to his waist, and the back is too thin for the body. Normally when you pose in a 3/4 position, and you're raising your arms or bringing them forwards, a part of your armpit and upper back is exposed. However, we can't see any exposure of his upper back (traps and upper lats).

    - His proportions are unrealistic, he has the arms and legs of a body-builder, but his waist is questionably small. Try expanding his waist so it looks proportional to his legs and arms.

    Anyone that wants to critique my critique, I'd greatly appreciate it- I'm not that great at this type of thing.

    And for @Shinnok , here are some references for the weight of the figure and anatomy

    7 Tutorials on How to Draw the Human Anatomy / Body / Figure | Drawn in Black
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    I think the torso is too short if you want realistic human anatomy...
    Other than that, no major problems
    It doesn't look stiff.
    Oh and don't draw concaving curve. All muscles convex.
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