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This is a discussion on Staff Announcements within the Announcements forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; You can follow this thread to check staff arrivals, departures, and opportunities. The current active staff (at the time of ...

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    Staff Announcements

    You can follow this thread to check staff arrivals, departures, and opportunities.

    The current active staff (at the time of this thread posting) is as follows:

    Memory Of Talon

    Global Moderators

    beth x


    News Staff
    Garden Gnome

    Vertical Scope tech support

    Mafia Moderators
    Braided Pain
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    Staff Additions (News Staff)

    We have recently added some News Staff, who will have varied duties: darcstar3 and Garden Gnome.

    One thing they have already done for us (and will be something they will continue to do) is gather interesting thread links for us to provide to Vertical Scope when they send out their periodic newsletters. We have a few other duties in mind that we are still discussing.
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    Staff Additions (Green Mods)

    We have also added two new Green Moderators to the staff in the past week or two: Memory of Talon and Doll. We appreciate their willingness to come on board and take some time learning the ropes, as well as the energy they will bring to the staff.
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    Staff Opening - Pollster

    I am looking for a member who is willing to be part of the News Staff and handle official forum polls (similar to what Happy used to do in the Poll forum in Announcements). We're looking for 1-2 polls a month and typically on questions that will help build community in some way or clarify what different parts of the community thinks about something. (i.e., occasional silly polls are okay, but generally we're looking for something with some relevant value that also pulls the community together).

    Also, I might occasionally give you a poll I need you to run.

    If you are interested or want to talk about the position with me, please drop me a PM along with your ideas. This isn't a rush hire, and the slot will remain available until I find a candidate who I think can do a good job with it.
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    Mafia Mod Change

    After a long tenure moderating our Mafia games, Lizabeth has decided to step down. Thanks, Lizabeth -- we appreciate the investment you have made along with Clodvyx to keep the games going smoothly and make Mafia fun!

    In her place is a familiar face -- our very own newly returned Siggy. Between her and Clovdyx, things will be in great shape.
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    Mafia Mod Departure

    Clovdyx has also decided to step down from being a mafia mod. Thanks for all your hard work and investment during the time you were modding the mafia games, your efforts have been greatly appreciated.
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    New Mafia Moderator

    Braided Pain is taking over for Clovdyx in terms of mafia moderation duties. Thanks for your willingness to handle moderation for the ongoing forum Mafia games.
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    Mod Staff Changes

    After careful thought, birdsintrees has chosen to step down from staff indefinitely. We appreciate all of her hard work as regular staff and as a Global Mod; her efforts and diligence have been invaluable, and we are sorry to see her go but wish her all the best.

    Wicker Deer
    has been promoted to Global Mod, and we look forward to the care and thoughtfulness she has applied to her past assignments to helping guide the modbox decisions more broadly.
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    News Staff Addition

    Drunk Parrot has officially joined the News Staff group, in order to better generate interest and enthusiasm on Personality Cafe. We look forward to the energy and ideas he will bring to the forum in an official capacity.
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