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This is a discussion on PersonalityCafe Against SOPA/PIPA! within the Announcements forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; What are the arguments for SOPA/PIPA? Just curious, since I hadn't heard any....

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    What are the arguments for SOPA/PIPA? Just curious, since I hadn't heard any.

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    The internet is an outlet for free speech. It should stay FREE!

    (yes, trolls we are defending even your sorry asses)

    Honestly, I'm really glad PerCaf did something in protest. I was wondering if ya'll were going to or not. Thanks, guys!

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    At the risk of sounding obtuse here, why isn't Personality Cafe honoring the strike?

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    Though I'm not a US citizen, this will still greatly affect other countries since a lot of the "internet giants" are US-based! We shall not let them take away our freedom of speech and freedom of knowledge! STOP SOPA and PIPA!
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    If this is mostly a democratic world and there's freedom of speech and thought, and people's opinions are apparently heard, shouldn't our opinion be paid heed to??
    If not, we can really see how much freedom the governments really give us- either in speech or action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Napoleptic View Post
    What are the arguments for SOPA/PIPA? Just curious, since I hadn't heard any.
    It would put a halt to trolling and needless internet meme crap that doesn't actually improve people's intelligence.

    The restrictions on the internet, would make people get off the internet more and do other things in real life that might be more meaningful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anarchitektur View Post
    "You must verify who you are when you register a new domain name, even an international one...
    I will have to prove my identity upon registration. Presumably with some form of government approved ID.
    This way, when OPEN or perhaps a non-NDS-version of SOPA is passed, if you break the rules, you will be hunted down"-

    The rules will be set by them and i hardly think internet should be this strictly filtered. They will be hunting down everybody! even people who post songs by artists that they aren't supposed to.

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    Here is what Google has to say about it. If you're American (it requires an U.S. zipcode), you can sign the petition that will be sent to Congress telling them you are against SOPA/PIPA. Do it now, the issue is coming up for a vote January 24th.
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    Yea I'm against SOPA/PIPA. Whatever they are

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