Improving Executive Function

Improving Executive Function

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This is a discussion on Improving Executive Function within the Advice Center forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Hey all, apologies for the current lack of substance to this post. I am not an expert in this topic ...

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    Improving Executive Function

    Hey all,

    apologies for the current lack of substance to this post. I am not an expert in this topic by any means, and any research I've done has been incidental and preliminary.

    Basically, I'm just wondering if anyone has any knowledge about improving executive function, especially deficits in verbal fluency incurred after trauma. I've heard of meditation, but I'm wondering if there's anything else... maybe, some kind of supplement to improve plasticity in the brain areas related to executive control?

    I'll add more to this later if no one else does..

    Have a great one!
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    Have you consulted a neurologist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chesire Tower View Post
    Have you consulted a neurologist?
    @Chesire Tower I will, at some point. I'm anticipating their not having enough knowledge about things besides medication and clinical trials that may be out of reach. And also, .. generally, their not believing something is just a little bit non-functional.
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    Basically set goals and execute on them. To get fancy, set different long term (month) , mid-term (1-week), short-term (day to day) goals. At end of each period, evaluate if you achieved that type of goal and pivot accordingly.


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