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Headaches/Migraines/Cluster or Tension, Looking for comparison/information

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This is a discussion on Headaches/Migraines/Cluster or Tension, Looking for comparison/information within the Advice Center forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Women do actually have significantly stronger headaches than men. Fun fact....

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    Women do actually have significantly stronger headaches than men.

    Fun fact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkles View Post
    I some times get ones that are like having spikes going through one spot in my head, feel like I want to throw up and can hardly move or think.

    It's probably because my left eye is bad. I tend to get the aura and blind spots in that eye first. It's also about twice as sensitive to light, and adjusts at like half the speed of my other eye. You know how when you first wake up, lights are too bright and it's hard to open your eyes? My right eye adjusts normally but my left eye doesn't... and it's painful unless I go around with my left eye closed until I get used to it and can open it. Kind of looks funny.... but oh well.

    Anyway, for me, covering my left eye for a while and resting often lessens the headache immediately, if not completely make it go away.
    these sound a lot like cluster headaches, supposedly they strike at random but are supposed to be the most intense of the other types. Although I've had some that last as little as 5 minutes I find that my fine motor controls as well as speech will be slightly impaired for many hours after. I relate it to the intensity, because I usually feel like I've been slamming shots once the pain is gone.

    It's hard to say, lots of different opinions in the professional community. Usually pressure in the eye is a symptom but if you have eye problems it may be unrelated. The term cluster is because of how the headaches manifest, usually in one central area in the brain and radiate outwards. Also they tend to come and go in clusters either on a daily schedule or months on then months off. Not much can be done about them.

    @MissJordan ,
    Do you mean that woman have more frequent or are more likely to have headaches? Pain can not actually be measured and is all a perspective experience. There are many experts who believe that mens/womans sensitivity to pain may differ but that would only be a percentages type ratio. It still varies widely from person to person. Elliot krane who is much better at explaining how wrong a persons body can interpret signals including those of pain discusses such a thing in the video below.

    TED Blog | The mystery of pain as a disease: Elliot Krane on TED.com

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