Help, Headaches, and Inferior Grip

Help, Headaches, and Inferior Grip

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This is a discussion on Help, Headaches, and Inferior Grip within the Advice Center forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Hello all. I'm new to the forum...never posted in a forum, so if this is in the wrong place, lemme ...

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    Help, Headaches, and Inferior Grip

    Hello all. I'm new to the forum...never posted in a forum, so if this is in the wrong place, lemme know where to go...

    Ok, my question has to do with headaches, memory issues, and not feeling like myself, ever. I'll provide background...I've tried everything to get back to my normal self and get rid of these headaches, memory issues, etc. and discovering my ENTP typing recently has resulted in tons of aha moments, so I wanted to ask yall's opinion.

    I've tried all sorts of doctors, diets, exercise, therapy and tons of other things to no avail...My basic problem is this. 8+ years ago I started experiencing headaches daily, and this was combined with a pervasive sense/realization that I wasn't my usual self, i.e. no longer outgoing, energetic, positive, ready to answer any question, or meet any demand that came my way head on. Alot of things changed in my life right before this issue popped up back in 2008, i.e. I moved from Texas to Virginia by myself, got a job in IT (I loathe IT), and married a girl I disliked (seriously could have walked out on the wedding and never thought about her again, stayed married 5.5. years), and obviously other negative paths were pursued as all these other things colored my reality in a negative light.

    Moving along...when I don't feel like myself, I go from having the most incredible memory, working memory, and word recall (I love this about me, it's what makes it fun to be me, and why its so depressing when these traits disappear), and I transform in a seemingly spontaneous fashion to forgetful, passive, zero assertiveness, don't care about anything, negative, can't hold concepts in my mind or multiple thoughts, terrible train of thought, head pain and on and on and on...

    Over the years, I have had moments (days or weeks) where I would feel just like my normal self, say 10 days a year max. Now, realizing these could very well be grip experiences brought on by stress or other triggers like being around pessimistic, sarcastic, negative, close minded etc. people, I am curious if anyone has any insight into how to get back to my normal self? Another thing about when I don't feel like myself...I miss BLATANTLY OBVIOUS things, and I mean blatantly, slap your mama in the face obvious things, so I welcome all responses and considerations. Feel free to ask questions if you need more info...I've noticed that alot of you have great insights and are very well versed in discussing the different functions, grip experiences, and I think I would be too if I felt like myself...but I have to get back to the normal me and learn something from this 8 years of absolute bullshit. First things first though, I have to get my health back, otherwise it's all for naught. P.S. I have been in counseling for 3.5 months and my counselor turned me on to MBTI and the like as one tool getting to know/understand myself.

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    If nothing works, perhaps you can try tracing back to how your life once was when you were happy.

    Are you still in Virginia?
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    Yes, I've considered that, and that may very well be the key to it...just diving back into how I operated before and the feelings/change will hopefully come...No, I am not in Virginia any longer...back in Texas, which is great. A lot of other positive changes as well...remarried to a wonderful woman, and we have the sweetest baby now, and no longer working in a field I hate...also, going back to school for an MBA, and the funk continues....
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    In terms of possibilities about your career, how do you feel at the moment? Do you have a lot on your plate?
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    Honestly and surprisingly, I feel optimistic overall. But, I would say that it is a very vague sense of optimism, as in, I believe I will eventually get better and be able to thrive, be myself, etc., but I know I have to get through/over this road block or whatever it is. Essentially, I know when I get better (assuming I identify the root, and how to fix it or keep it in check or grow/mature from it...), I will be able to move on and forward.

    A lot on my plate...yes and no. When I feel like myself, alot feels good, but when I have a lot on my plate how I feel now it doesn't energize me..for two reasons, 1) I don't approach the busyness with my usual attitude and abilities and, 2) with memory not working well, I often don't remember much about my experiences, whereas when I feel good, I remember all/most of my experiences and I can pull from them very quickly in future situations. I don't think I have a whole lot on my plate right now, though...
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    I find lists really helpful when my memory doesn't serve me well. But sounds like you are ok in this area too.

    How about friendships? Do you feel like you have a good network of support? Do you have enough company?
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    Ya, I use lists frequently, but it's alarming how frequently I have to look at the list to remember what I need to do, whereas, my normal self can remember everything I need to do...

    I do have a good network of support for the most part. As far as friends go, I'm kind of working on that. For years, I didn't have any solid friendships at all because of this...I don't feel like being social most of the time at issues overshadow my life to the extent that I don't feel like presenting this abnormal version of me to others (even though most people don't notice or see that anything is wrong with me...I do...). It's like I want to be better, and then put myself out there...I'm hyper focused on this aspect of life...get better. Paradoxically, I frequently find myself in social situations, and don't enjoy them (people that normally wouldn't bother me although they don't stimulate me, do bother me), and I rarely find someone stimulating. To rephrase, I normally don't mind being around all types. However, when I'm like this, I'm sensitive being around a multitude of types and can really only truly enjoy a certain type of people (people that are outgoing, like to laugh, like to learn or share knowledge), but again, if you aren't like that...SNOOOOZE. And, again, these "snoozers" I find endearing and curious normally, but good lord how they drain the shit out of me when I 'm like this.
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    ic. I can see your frustration having explored many ideas. I sent you a video to see if you can find the root cause of your illness since you mentioned remembering when this all started. Perhaps that could help you trace back to the source of the issue and give insights.

    To clarify, I am not an ENTP. Still, best of luck in your search for relief.
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    @SecondFirstMan This may be completely out there, have you been tested/screened for Early Onset Alzheimer's?
    Loss of memory, of course, is indicative of it, as well as your seemingly sudden behavioral changes.
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    That crossed my mind, but no I have been to doctors, and we've identified other issues that mimic it. Also, this started when I was 25...very suddenly, as in I went from incredible function to crap function within less than a month. I know it started as stress from multiple issues, but has been reinforced due to the fact that the stressors were present for 6+ years (chronic, extreme stress), i.e. it caused physical problems such as SIBO (which is known to cause issues with brain fog / memory / mood, etc.). Also, the stressed caused an increase in Reverse T3 (thyroid) which ironically mimics low thyroid (hypothyroid), but really isn't a thyroid's stress that cause an increase of reverse T3 instead of the active thyroid T3, which tells your body to go into energy saving mode (it's a flight or fight response...basically, my body/mind is receiving input that says hey we are in the desert...conserve energy, and just stay alive, and when we get to the promise land, we can switch things back into gear. Not surprisingly, this too causes issues with memory, word recall, etc. And, finally, I have adrenal issues as a result from the stress, and again, these cause energy production issues at the mitochondrial it's a beautiful irony of all started from a variety of things occurring at once, but since those things persisted for so long, physical issues set in and mirrored/continued the initial symptoms. Recently, I found that a couple names for the syndrome...something like thyroid dementia and/or fresh amnesia...

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